About my blog 99combat.com

The blog 99combat.com was formed in September 2018, when I began to talk with friends around me about the fact that I was quite interested in various paintball things, spend a lot of time to find things about that and why not share it with others in blog format.

In this blog, you will be able to find out about what I like, what paintball guns and other things I use and can recommend to you, what kind of game strategies I prefer, will tell you also basics – how paintball guns work, how guns are made and so on. Also, with time I will tell you about my other hobbies, for example, boxing, airsoft, and others.

It is very important to me that the content of the blog is useful and understandable. With this blog, I want to help anyone who is fascinated with paintball, also for those who want to just find out more about this topic.

No matter or you are young or old, paintball is a fantastic sport that everyone should try at least once in their life! The main goal of paintball game is not to win, but to have a good time, relax and have fun!

Who I am? Meet blog author and owner – Ethan Lark!

My name is Ethan Lark. I’m 26 years old, an active guy from Canada. I work as a sports teacher in elementary school. I’m married and my wife is waiting for our first baby.  I like a lot of action sports, but paintball is my weakness from the age of 5 when my brother took me to paintball for the first time.

This blog is my hobby. That it’s a way how I can share my opinion, recommendations and getting in touch with people who are equally thoughtful. I really like communication with people (and I think I’m doing it greatly..) who have common interests, that why I’ve started to create this blog.

Enjoy! And if you have some questions, I’m here for you!