Azodin Kaos 2 Review

Azodin Kaos 2 Review

If you love playing paintball, especially in competitive capacity, then you must know how important it is to have the right paintball marker or gun. Like my pal used to say, “you don’t take a knife to a gunfight, so you don’t take a bad marker to a paintball match”.

If you’re interested in winning at all, you must be interested in the best paintball markers. And today, we’ll be looking at one of the best markers on the market. We’ll go through its features to see exactly how good it is, and if it is worth the price tag.

Azodin Kaos 2

The Azodin KAOS 2 Paintball Marker or the KAOS 2 (Is it just me or does KAOS sound a bit like chaos?) is a modern remake of the classic Azodin KAOS series. Compared to the marker that came before it, the KAOS 2 is sleeker and more ergonomic. Importantly, the marker retains the amazing qualities, some of which are simplicity and durability, of its predecessor.

So what’s new with the KAOS 2, and why are we reviewing it? Well, the new 45-degree gas-thru grip offers improved handling during matches, and that’s one thing that can separate a loser from a winner. That’s not all though. The KAOS 2 also comes with a new screw-lock feed neck (the KAOS 1 comes with a twist-lock feed neck), an improved 12″ multiphase honed barrel and the new slim dovetail ASA.

Basically, KAOS 2 is a type of marker that packs high functionality with an amazing aesthetic. If you want to win while looking good, this marker, on face value, might just be the one for you.

Let’s go a bit further, shall we? This certainly cannot be all. But first, let’s talk about who should buy this marker. Who was it made for?

Who Should Buy – Azodin Kaos 2?

The KAOS 2 is a Paintball marker, so you certainly shouldn’t buy it if you’re not interested in paintball. That should be clear from the onset.

If you play paintball for fun, it’s a great choice for you. It is also a great choice if you play paintball in a competitive capacity. In fact, if you’re low on money, it’s probably the best choice. At only about a hundred dollars, the KAOS packs a lot of efficiency for a relatively cheap marker.

What Does It Come With?

Paintball markers usually come preassembled, and since the KAOS 2 isn’t awfully big (or big at all, since it is just about a foot and half long), it comes already assembled. What else comes with it? Well, nothing extra. Most of the things in the pack are stuff that all other Paintball markers come with. Basic stuff like a manual, a barrel bag, and a bag of keys and rings— which we suppose should be useful in maintenance.

So Let’s Get Right Into It. What Are The Features?

When it comes to moving parts and specialized features, the KAOS 2 isn’t the most elaborately built marker. In fact, it is very simply built— incidentally, that’s what makes it so reliable and durable. It doesn’t have a lot of moving parts or bells and whistles, so maintaining the marker isn’t difficult at all. It’s a semi-automatic marker too, so it has no electronic parts that you may need to fiddle with.

Azodin Kaos II – Features And Details

  • The marker comes with a 12″ micro honed barrel that is great for control and makes it easier for you to hit your target. Although the barrel has a little seam that suggests that it is double-barreled, it isn’t. This makes it even easier for the marker to be maintained as there are fewer parts.
  • The screw-lock feed neck that comes with the KAOS 2 is an improvement on the twist-lock feed neck that came with the KAOS 1. The screw lock makes it harder for the hopper to fly out and makes it easier for users to put the hopper in and out.
  • KAOS 2 is extremely light. It weighs only about 2 pounds, so even if you’re playing for a long while, you won’t feel the weight on your hands. That can be of great help during paintball as it makes it easier for you to aim and run as fast as you can.
  • It has improved ergonomics in the sense that it does exactly what it’s meant to do. There are very few paintball markers (in fact I can only think of one right now) that is quite as efficient and as reliable as the KAOS 2 marker.

How To Use The This Marker

The KAOS 2 marker is just as easy to use as any other paintball marker. And if you don’t know how to use a paintball marker, here’s a short tutorial for you.

The first step, of course, is to fix the paintball hopper, as that is like the magazine.

After that, aiming the gun comes next. When aiming, it is important that you don’t close one eye. This can negatively affect your peripheral version, so make sure to keep your eyes open at all times. More often than not, you will be aiming at a moving target, so aim at where your target is moving towards, not where your target is.

The next step, which is the most important, is pulling the trigger. Generally, this is the easiest part of using a Paintball marker. You simply squeeze the trigger and send paint to your target. For your information, the average Paintball marker can shoot up to three hundred feet while remaining accurate, so you should use that information when approaching a target.

Alternatives To The KAOS 2

What are the main features of the KAOS 2? It is quite cheap, easy to maintain and very reliable. So what other products have these features? Well, I can only think of one, and that’s the Tippmann Cronus. Although the Tippmann is about two pounds heavier than the KAOS 2, it is still as composite as the KAOS and only costs roughly thirty dollars more.

Would I Recommend?

Certainly. The Azodin KAOS 2 comes at a good price, has great reviews from people who have bought it, and is quite reliable. It is a good marker for people who are just getting into Paintball and aren’t quite certain of what they want yet. It can also be a great choice for Paintball veterans. So, yes, I’d absolutely recommend the KAOS 2.

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