Best Laser Tag Guns Reviews 2020

Best Laser Tag Guns Reviews 2020

If adrenaline, adventure, and strategy is your thing, then you must have heard of Laser Tag. If you’ve not heard of it, Laser Tag is a tag game that is played with machines (mostly) shaped like guns and infrared lights. To play Laser Tag, players wear infrared-sensitive targets and these targets are sometimes integrated within the area that the game is played in.

Laser Tag is a great game for all ages, and it is something that you should try your hands at if you haven’t already. Now, since you’re mostly not playing Laser Tag for the fun of it, there are some things you need to consider if you have a plan of winning at all— because, make no mistake, there are winners and losers.

The first thing, before all the talk about strategy and tactics, is your laser gun. You most definitely would not like to bring a knife (or a bad gun) to a gunfight. That would mean that you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose.

And I’m guessing that losing isn’t what you want to do. Well, that’s what you might get if you don’t get the right tools. That’s where I come in. Together we’ll be reviewing the Best Laser Guns of 2020.

Let’s get on with it then.

Laser Tag Guns Reviews 2020


laser tag gun


ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests – Laser Battle Mega Pack Set of 4 Review

What makes the ArmorGear set stand out is the fact that it isn’t only a Laser Tag blaster per se, it also comes with target vests that can receive hits, so it is a complete set. The pack comes with four Laser Tag blasters and four armours. Let’s take a look at the most important features of this blaster.

Important Features/Pros

  • When choosing a Laser Tag Gun, the range is very important. The ArmorGear Tag Blaster has an amazing 150 ft range. This means that it is perfect for open field or indoor games.
  • For rookies, the game pack comes with voice prompts so that you’re never lost.
  • It comes with Night vision flashlights, so whenever the battleground is not well lit, you can easily find your way around and annihilate your enemies.
  • If you want, the blasters can also act as both weapons and shooting targets.
  • The pack had an amazing stealth/invisible mode where you can put off the lights for 15 seconds and have the chance to ambush the other teams.
  • The blasters come complete with sound effects, tactile vibration and flickering lights. It is certain to immerse you in the game. 


  • Let’s be fair. The ArmorGear Tag Blasters are awesome. However, they are a bit pricey at $199. When you learn that you can buy most other Laser Tag Blasters at under fifty dollars, you kind of have a rethink.

DYNASTY TOYS Kids Games Laser Tag and Robot Bug Striker Pack Review

This blaster is more single-player oriented, and nothing says that more than the fact that it comes with its own moving, running target; a bug. Yes. You read that right.

Let’s check out the features of this no doubt interesting blaster.


  • The game comes with one blaster and one bug. Users are encouraged to practice their aim using the bug. To win, they’d have to make the Spider flip.
  • The Laser Blaster has a range of about 120 feet which isn’t all that great, especially when compared to the ArmorGear but isn’t terrible either. This makes it suitable for indoor as well as outdoor play.
  • The game had four completely unique game settings which bring some exciting changes in the game.
  • The game comes with in-built voice prompts that notify you when you reload your blaster.
  • Another important feature is that the gun works well, not just with the bug, but with other Dynasty Toy’s Laser Blasters.
  • Additionally, the gun serves as a weapon and also as a target, so you can buy other packs and play with more players.
  • It is also pretty cheap too and retails on Amazon for under $50.


  • At only about 120 ft range, outdoor gameplay is somewhat limited.
  • A pack of the gun only comes with one blaster, so to have a bigger game you’ll need to buy more than a pack.

Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag: Game Mega Pack – Set of 4 Players Review

This game comes with four blasters, has over 130ft of range and allows the weapons to work as targets as well as blasters. What’s more? It’s moderately priced.

But is that all? Let’s review.


  • The game comes with four blasters, which is great for a moderately sized game.
  • It has 130ft of the range which is great for indoor and outdoor gameplay.
  • The blasters have four gun settings which make for interesting and exciting gameplay. Players can choose between using their blasters as pistols, machine guns, shotguns or tickets.
  • The blasters immerse the player into the environment by tactile feedback and lighting up.
  • At $59.99, it is pretty cheap.


  • The game doesn’t have armour, and only works when you fire at the blasters. The problem with this, though, is that there’s a smaller surface area to fire at and it makes it more difficult to win.
  • Compared to the AmorGear game, the 130ft range is small.
  • The blaster isn’t compatible with other blasters from different companies, so you can only play with blasters made by Kidzlane.

DYNASTY TOYS Capture The Flag | Glow in The Dark Yard Games for Adults and Families Review

Here’s another game from Dynasty toys, and it comes with two blasters and only costs about $44.99. This game is especially compatible with playing capture the flag as it comes with two blasters, two team flag cubes and four team boundary/base lights. To win the game, you just have to shoot the cube. The team cubes change colours to show who controls the bases, or who has captured the flag.

That’s not all, though. This blaster pack also has lots of interesting features.


  • The team cubes that come with the games can also change colours manually. What this means is that, if you want, you can play with or without blasters. That brings a lot of flexibility to the table.
  • Dynasty Toys makes a lot of Laser blasters, and all their products are compatible with one another. That means if you have a dynasty toys blaster, you can even expand your game more.
  • The blasters have tactile feedback and very realistic sound effects so that players are fully immersed in the game.
  • Another plus is that the game is perfectly safe for kids and has been extensively tested by third parties.
  • It’s pretty cheap for two Blasters too and costs only about $44.99


  • It doesn’t have great range, and can only shoot up to a 110 ft. While that makes it great for indoor games, it may fail in the great outdoors.
  • It doesn’t come with armour which makes the game more difficult.

Liberty Imports Infrared Laser Tag 4 Players Game Set for Kids Review

This is a blaster pack from Liberty Imports and it comes with four blasters. Unlike other games, this one doesn’t come with a bug or armour or flags— it’s strictly for playing Laser Tag. It is as traditional a weapon as you’re probably ever going to get.

Let’s check out the features and see how it compares to the rest.


  • It comes with four blasters, and multiple blasters will always be a plus especially as it means a larger game.
  • Each blaster has four game modes and you can get really creative if you plan on annihilating anyone. The modes are Pistol, Shotgun, Submachine and rocket launcher.
  • The laser from the blasters is pretty safe as well, as the blasters are a certified class 1 laser toy product and are safe for children of all ages.
  • The blaster acts as a weapon and also as a blaster. This means that you don’t need armours to play the game
  • It has a range of around 130ft, which makes it great for playing indoors as well as outdoors.
  • The blasters have tactile feedback and lights that allow you really enjoy the experience of playing a match.
  • The price is an additional plus too, with a pack of four blasters priced at $44.97 on Amazon.


  • While the game can also be played with the guns as targets, the small surface area of the gun provides a poor gaming experience.
  • Compared to the first blaster pack on this list, the ArmorGear blaster, the 130ft range isn’t quite as impressive

Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Game – Set of 2 Green / Orange Review

At about twenty-nine dollars, this is perhaps the cheapest blaster that we’ve reviewed, and it is a great choice if you’re low on money but still want to enjoy the benefits of a proper Laser Tag game. Like the game we reviewed before, this Kidzlane game doesn’t come with anything other than Laser blasters, and it comes with just two of them.


  • Each blaster has four game modes which are the Pistol, Shotgun, Machine and Rocket modes. Since these modes allow for different kinds of shots to be taken, they make the game more interesting. Even different gun modes come with their own sounds.
  • The blasters have tactile feedback and lights which makes the gameplay experience even more immersive than before.
  • The game has no need for armours as the blasters themselves act as targets.
  • The blasters have a striking distance of about 130 ft which makes it great for both indoor and outdoor games.
  • All guns and lasers have passed the safety test and are perfect for children.


  • While the 130 ft range of the game is impressive, it isn’t quite as impressive as that of ArmourGear.
  • The blaster pack is pretty simple and doesn’t come with an armour. That, of course, means a smaller target to hit and overall a more difficult game.

Family Games Laser Tag Night 4 Pack Set Review

This blaster pack from Family games is intended to be a family classic, and it looks like one too. It comes with four basic blasters in different colours and comes with unique team settings.

Let’s check out the key features of this game to see what it has to offer.


  • The game has four different team settings which are the Blue team, White team, Orange Team and Green Teams.
  • Each blaster has different reload times, stoppage times, and range reach. The team sizes have no limit.
  • The blasters’ settings are very flexible as both team settings and blast settings are interchangeable on both blasters and can be set easily.
  • The blaster is very safe for children as the laser blaster is less than 1mW output.


  • This is a weird con, but it is what it is. The Family Laser Tag four-pack set is presently unavailable and has been for a while. So you might have a hard time finding and purchasing it.
  • The maximum range doesn’t make it great for outdoor gameplay.

Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set for Kids Multiplayer 4 Pack Review

This is the third Dynasty Laser blaster on this list. And do you know what that means? It means that means you have a bigger range of weapons to play with. Each pack of the gun comes with four Laser blasters in different colours, and the game is specifically made for family fun times. Importantly, the blaster pack comes cheap, costing only $59.99 on Amazon. However, this is certainly not all. Let’s check out the other key features of this blaster pack


  • The blasters emit rays that are safe for kids and have been tested extensively by third-party testers.
  • Each blaster has tactile feedback, voice prompts and colourful lights that attract and immerse children and adults alike into the world of Laser Tag.
  • The blasters come with four different team settings, and this introduces an exciting dynamic to the Laser Tag game.
  • The blast and team settings in the blasters are interchangeable and can be set on the go.
  • The blasters can be used as targets as well.


  • The game doesn’t come with armours, so there is a smaller surface area to target.
  • With a range of around 120ft, the blaster isn’t great for really expansive games.

Why Should You Play Laser Tag?


playing laser tag


There are a lot of games that you could play with your kids, or with your friends. But if you’re someone interested in adventure, adrenaline and strategy, there are only a few games that fulfil that criteria like Laser Tag does.

You’re not convinced? Well, get ready to be convinced. Here are the top reasons why you should play Laser Tag.

  • The first reason is that Laser Tag is extremely entertaining and completely safe. Now, when you think of lasers, you might be forgiven if your brain doesn’t immediately go to safe activities that children should be engaged in. That’s fair. But in Laser Tag, lasers aren’t actually used. In fact, Laser blasters (another badass name— blame marketing strategy) merely shoot completely harmless infrared beams at opposing teams. When this beams hit the opposing players a number of times, they are temporarily out of the game. What’s more? You do not even need to wear a helmet or protective gear when playing the game as the beams don’t hurt in any way whatsoever. So it’s basically a painless alternative to paintball.
  • Another reason why you should consider playing Laser Tag is that it is not restricted to the outdoors. Unlike paintball that can only be played in dedicated environments, Laser Tag can be played indoors as well as outdoors. Since Laser Tag doesn’t have bullets or paintballs, it leaves no residue and it cannot affect the indoors or destroy anything in the house. You only need to be careful when pursuing and stalking your enemy.
  • Laser Tag is not a single-player game and for the best experience, it requires four or more players. If played with others, it is certain to expand you or your child’s circle of friends. Since the game can be played with teams it encourages socialization and the making of new friends.
  • The game is usually played in teams and forces children to work well together. This undoubtedly develops teamwork skills in children as well as adults. Of course, the ability to work well with others is a great skill to have and a game that promotes that is obviously a great game to play.

Laser Tag Game Modes

Laser Tag can be played in a number of ways, however, there are some popular game modes that are certain to be a hit.

The Eliminator game mode is obviously self-explanatory. In this game mode, the player plays to eliminate all other players in the game and it is usually a you-against-the-world situation. In this mode, once your life is gone, you’re out of the game. However, if you tag an opponent, you gain a life.

The Stun game mode is played by each player having an unlimited number of lives. In this game, the goal isn’t so much to avoid getting shot but to shoot as much as you possibly can.

The Teamplay mode, as the name implies, is a game mode when players are divided into teams and are tasked to destroy the opposing team, like in real-world battle situations. This is one of the most popular game modes of Laser Tag.

Other game modes include The Solo game, the Energize mode and the Battlefield mode.

How Safe is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag is a completely safe game that doesn’t need helmets or protective gear. While the name Laser Tag may connote a red beam of harmful ultraviolet light from a nuclear reactor or a death star, the actual game isn’t so dramatic. All Laser blasters are safe for kids and make use of only infrared light beams that are absolutely safe. However, players playing outdoors should wear running shoes and avoid open-toe footwear in order to avoid injuries while pursuing or running from an opponent.

Can Laser Tag Be Played At Night?

Most advanced players actually prefer to play Laser Tag at night because it makes them operate with more stealth. The lights on a regular laser blaster make it an even better experience to play the game at night too. Almost all laser blasters come with sound and light, and that generally makes for a more realistic experience whether it’s during the day or at night. Laser blasters sounds aren’t just sounds either. The best laser blasters have very realistic sound effects that change with the mode that the blaster is on. Thus, if the blaster is set on the machine gun mode, the blaster is likely to make a machine gun sound. If it’s set on Shotgun mode, it’ll make a shotgun sound and so on.

How Good Exactly is Laser Tag?

It is true that quality adventure games suitable for children are hard to come by. However, that’s certainly not the story for Laser Tag. As someone who’s played the game before, I can say that the game is second to none in what it offers. To have a better and more immersive experience, you can play Laser Tag in specially dedicated centres around the world. These centres have equipment certain to convince you of the quality of Laser Tag.

Would I Recommend the Game?

Of course, I would! Why else would I write an article on it? However, the first step to winning a game of Laser Tag is getting the right equipment, and the information about all the best Laser Tag blasters are here for the taking. Do you want the cheaper option? You have it. Do you want the more expensive option? You’ve got it. Do you want four blasters? You’ve got it. 2? 1? An armour pack? No armour pack? Do you even want an actual laser bug? You’ve got it.

What are you waiting for? Get immersed in the magnificent and exciting world of Laser Tag today. You’re certain to have a blast (wink) of fun.

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