Does Paintball Paint Wash Out?

Does Paintball Paint Wash Out?

You’ve just come home from a heated paintball battle and discovered that your clothes, skin, and hair are looking messy. Now you’re probably wondering if it’s possible to get rid of all those stains. You don’t have to worry. There’s a solution.

The design and manufacturing process of modern paintballs and paint fill ensures that they’re eco-friendly, water-soluble, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable. If you wash your clothes after a day’s play, the splats should completely wash out. The paint stain also easily wipes off your skin and hair.

So, does paintball paint wash out? How to remove paintball paint?

In rare cases, paintballs can stain your lighter-colored clothing if you left the paint on them for a few days after using them on the field. The best thing to do is to wash the garments once you get home after a long day of play. This keeps the fill from setting into your lighter-colored fabrics and leaving light marks there.

Paintball pellets are different from regular paint, which is usually tough to wash out. Instead, their bright colors are a mixture of a non-toxic dye that is water-soluble. Once you put your clothing in water, it dissolves in it, making it easy to wash off the fill. You don’t have to use kerosene. Here are tips to deal with paintball stains.

Avoid Pellets with High Wax Content

Paintball pellets consist of Propylene glycol, sorbitol, dye, and, maybe, wax. A waxy pellet is not recommended since it dries fast. If the wax sticks onto clothes, you’ll have a hard time cleaning it out. Therefore, avoid such paintball pellets at all costs. 

Avoid Cheap Brands

People in camouflageThere are certain paintballs that you should avoid using since they can cause permanent stains. These are the super-cheap brands on the market such as “seconds” and “white box.” Some of them do not contain water-soluble dyes and do stain anything they hit.

That’s why most fields insist that you buy their own standard paintballs.

If you’re unsure of the type of balls that either you or your opponents are using, come with a laundry detergent pre-treater to the playing field. Spray some of it on the clothing you’ve used before leaving for home. A number of moms are doing that.

Get Some Extra Clothing

Although paintball fields provide camouflage overalls that minimize the probability of covering your own clothes with splats, it’s wise to wear what you’re comfortable with getting dirty. You don’t want to travel back home in soggy, paint-stained garments. Carry some spare clothes with you to change into when the game is over. 

Also, bring some extra shoes and towels or old sheets to sit on just in case you get seriously dirty. This prevents you from staining your car not only everything you’d have picked on the playing field but also the paint on your clothes. Additionally, a garbage bag can be very resourceful as you may throw into it your dirty items.

Use the Right, Designated Clothes

camouflage fabric

As a rule in paintballing, never play in light-colored clothes. Additionally, avoid polyester and cotton fabrics as they’re prone to getting paintball stains.

In fact, the marks are more pronounced in these types of materials. To avoid staining issues, wear dark-colored clothes underneath your playing gear. Then, you’ll enjoy your favorite game without worry.

Although most paintballs wash off easily, you shouldn’t wear clothes that may be upsetting when they get stains. Choose designated paintball clothes that you don’t mind losing with time. This is because their constant staining by paintballs can cause the fabric to remain with subtle marks.

How to Wash Paintball Clothes? Does paintball come out of clothes?

Do paintball stains come out? Always wash your paintball clothes as soon as you arrive home. This keeps stains from soaking into the fabric, making it hard for them to get out. This can permanently stain your clothes and lead to another budget soon.

Another important thing is to soak the clothes before beginning to wash. This allows the dyes in the paintball enough time to dissolve in water. You may decide to soak the clothes with detergent for a while and drain the water before washing normally. This removes the dye and gets rid of dirt and any other matter that may damage your washer.

If you’re unlucky to find yourself handling paintball stains from pellets that have a high wax ratio, then you must soak your clothes in warm or moderately hot water. This removes the stain by softening and melting the wax. That’s why you should be careful about the paintball pellets that you and your opponents are using.

Again, wash your paintball clothes separately from your regular, everyday wear. However, there’s no problem if you use ordinary detergents and a similar wash cycle on the washing machine. The only difference could be the soaking process.

Removing stains from paintball clothes depends on fabric type and the contents of the pellet. For:

  1. Propylene glycol and sorbitol, their removal isn’t difficult. This is because they’re diluting and moistening chemical compounds. Once they contact water, propylene glycol and sorbitol get off your clothes easily. Use the normal washing cycle but be sure to follow all the instructions on the washing detergent and fabric tag. Also, launder under the recommended conditions and temperature requirements.
  2. Dye, you should wash your paintball clothes as soon as you’re through with the game. Otherwise, it can turn out to be very difficult to deal with the stains. If the stain is resistant, soak in warm water and add some dish detergent and ammonia. That should work because the dye in paintballs is similar to that which manufacturers use in food items.
  3. Wax, you must do some treatment prior to normal laundering:
    1. Scrape off the excess paint gently to avoid damaging your clothes.
    2. Place the cloth on an ironing board that has a brown paper bag on it.
    3. Place another brown paper bag on the cloth over the stain
    4. Using a warm iron’s tip, slowly move the wax from your cloth to the bag.

Wax stains are the hardest to deal with.


The thought that your clothing can get permanent stains shouldn’t discourage you from playing paintball. Neither should it worry you during a spirited game. All you have to do is use the right paintballs and clothing and employ proper washing techniques.   

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