How Accurate Are Paintball Sniper Rifles?

How Accurate Are Paintball Sniper Rifles?

Paintball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. Whether it is the USA or South Asia, everyone knows about the game.

When we look back at the history, Paintball was initially played in America in the eighties. As the communication barriers depleted over time, it spread worldwide and people from different ethnicities engaged in the sport wholeheartedly whether it was just for entertainment or in the rivalry.

Paintball is an intense sport in which two different teams of individuals compete against each other to eliminate their contenders by firing capsules filled with paint at each other. These capsules contain water-soluble dye with a gelatin shell coating that burst on impact. These paintballs are loaded in a device called the ’Paintball Marker’ which is more commonly known as a paintball gun.

Now, what are some of the constituents that determine “How Accurate Are Paintball Sniper Rifles”?

Read below to find out!


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1. Length of the Barrel

One of the chief factors which determine the accuracy of a rifle is the size of its barrel. An ideal barrel length is about 8.5 inches. Most of the markers you will come across in the market will have a barrel of this length.

You can get a rifle that has a longer barrel and this might increase accuracy merely because it will become easier to aim. A barrel that is between 12 to 16 inches of length is perfect for maximum accuracy but a longer barrel has its shortcomings too. Any barrel that is above 16 inches will increase the processing time and contact between barrel and paintball and decrease the distance. There will also be more chances of the paintballs freezing or bursting due to cold temperatures.

However, it is totally up to the player to decide the length of the barrel. If you like a longer barrel than go for it but be mindful that it will decrease the accuracy of the sniper rifle.

2. The Size of the Barrel Bore

The next one of the list is the bore size which adversely affects the accuracy of a Paintball Sniper Rifle. The most common bore size used for barrels is 0.690 calibers. Bore size of less than 0.690 will increase the accuracy of the rifle.

However, the professionals recommend you should start with 0.688 calibers bore size. And then gradually decrease the bore’s size according to your preference.

The best way to do this by buying a barrel kit that gives you an array of different bore sizes. Though, you will have to adjust the barrel length along with the bore size to achieve optimal accuracy.

Thus to ensure your sniper rifle is up to par, you need to have the ideal barrel length as well as the bore size.

3. The Gas Source

The gas helps you to shoot the paintballs into the air. The type of power that you use to propel the capsules plays a major part in how far and how on-point the paintball will hit the target. 

Two major types of gas sources include Carbon Dioxide Gas (CO2) and High-Pressure Air (HPA). Both types have advantages as well as disadvantages.

Most people prefer a CO2 tank because of its low cost. When the paintball came into being, CO2 gas was used as the main source of power. But one of the major drawbacks of using a CO2 gas source is that as the change it goes through as it changes from its liquid form to gas. As the liquid expands, it cools down and this puts a pause in the rate of expansion. This further causes a decrease in the pressure which fluctuates the velocity of the rifle. In simpler words, the faster a paintball is fired from the gun, the colder the gun will get. Though, this is functional using a mechanical-styled gun.

HPA became popular back in the nineties when using CO2 gas tanks was becoming troublesome. HPA has a stable pressure which gives a consistent velocity and thus, increases the accuracy of a rifle. It is minimally affected by temperature which makes it optimal to be used in paintball fields.

Thus, using an HPA tank will make your paintball rifle more accurate as compared to a CO2 tank.

 4. The Type of Paintballs Used

The size and quality of the paintballs you are using to shoot also affects the preciseness of your paintball rifle.

If you are using better quality paintballs, it will give you a uniformly filled capsule that will propel accurately in the direction you shot it in with unvarying velocity. Whereas, if you use cheaper paintballs, they have air bubbles or spaces in the capsule that will waver the direction in which the capsule is shot.

Furthermore, the size of the paintball should match the bore size impeccably to achieve maximum accuracy.

5. Maintenance

Though this might be surprising the cleanliness of your rifle manifestly affects its accuracy. How? A smeared and greasy rifle barrel will affect the rate at which the paintball is propelled into the air and decrease its range. It is common for paint, dirt or oil to get accumulated inside the barrel which will cause a flagging accuracy.

So, try to clean your barrel frequently to ensure that it is crystal clear. Use water and a squeegee for this purpose. Using chemical cleaners, soap or harsh washcloths can moderately reduce the accuracy of your gun.

Thus, a clean, well-maintained gun ensures accuracy.


Paintball Guns


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There are various types of paintball guns –The Paintball Machine Gun, The Full-Automatic Paintball Gun, Electronic Paintball Gun, Paintball Sniper Rifles and much more.

Whether it is a training session or for a university game event, a good paintball gun can take you towards victory. One of the most important aspects of being triumphant in a paintball game is the accuracy with which you hit your opponent with the pain-filled capsule. This in return depends upon how accurate your paintball gun is.

In this article, we will be talking about how precise or accurate a paintball gun is –more particularly, a Paintball Sniper Rifle.

So, how accurate are the Paintball Sniper Rifles?

The answer cannot be summed up as a simple yes or no. Various factors help to determine the accuracy of the rifle you possess or want to invest in. All of these factors constitute together and help you recognize how well off a particular paintball gun is.


At the end

When you get an answer that satisfies your conscience while keeping in view these five factors, you can judge whether your Sniper Rifle is accurate or not. 

Every player is different and has a different style thus it depends on your preference. Sniper rifles are quite accurate when they possess the right barrel length and bore size and have the right type of paintballs to shoot. Furthermore, the sanitation of the gun plays a major role in how accurate your Paintball Sniper Rifle is in the field. 

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