How Do Airsoft Grenades Work?

How Do Airsoft Grenades Work?

The history of weaponry imitation dates back to the early 1900s. Over time this trend has advanced to cover all the weapons available in the field. Today, anyone can access replicas of real weaponry in airsoft.

Grenades are therefore no exception. Nothing gets the adrenaline moving faster than a can of airsoft grenade thrown at you during airsoft combat. It heightens the element of surprise and makes the opponents more alert.

There are different types of airsoft grenades varying with how they detonate when used. Some use CO2 or propane gas to release a dozen airsoft projectiles. They help in clearing blind corners or a room where opponents could be hiding.

There are also silent grenades which when thrown your way, you have to use the honor code of the game and call yourself out. Other shells are unmistakeable loud, and they’re best used to distract or startle opponents.

How Different Types of Airsoft Grenades Work

Thunder B Grenade

Thunder B uses sound to distract and startle the players. It has a firing pin which when pulled releases the CO2 gas inside to break the plastic shell. The gas takes several seconds to fill up the tank and create enough pressure to blow up. The plastic shell is for one-time use and is replaceable. The parts are readily available, and they also come cheap.

Unlike the other grenades, the Thunder B does not require any filling of any kind. The pressure it produces is lethal enough without additional materials such as paint or pellets. When used in a game, it eliminates the players who can view it from any hiding place or those who are within the radius of its explosion. Hakotsu manufactures the grenade as Thunder-B while Valken Tactical calls it Thunder-V.

Blank Firing Grenades

These grenades, just like the Thunder B, uses sound to distract opponents. To get the desired noise volume, you can use the 9mm handgun blanks or the 12 mm gauge blanks. The latter is too loud and in most cases may not be allowed. Tipping the pin and spoon initiates the gun-powder process which in return brings out the noise.

Airsoft Grenade Shells

There are a variety of airsoft grenade shells with different operations and come with a diverse number of grenade launchers:

  1. The first type is commonly known as a “shower shell” because when detonated, it releases a shower of pellets that disperses a tight group. Shower shell uses gas to create enough pressure that shoots off the bullets at a speed of 300FPS when depressed.¬†Although its mechanism is useful in creating a distraction and separating enemies, it’s not practical for long distance attacks.
  2. Plug Shell. The plug shell uses the same operation as the shower shell. However, it is more effective in spreading the pellets at a more considerable distance than the shower shell. The plug shell is easier to manually operate and load rubber bullets before fixing it inside the grenade replica. After loading the pellets, the shell is then closed using a plastic cap that prevents bullets from falling off as you move around.  The plastic lid is small and hard to recover once the grenade goes off and needs replacement after every use.
  3. Foam round. It is a rocket-shaped plastic which simulation cases of the army consider it a weapon to destroy hardened objects. The round foam is not popular with many gamers in the airsoft. However, those who use them, they act as eliminators when in the view of an opponent.


These are a type of grenade with space for gas to propel loaded weapons. Unlike the other shells, this type is advanced to accommodate TAGInn weaponry which are of various makes. They include smoke distraction, blue chalk rounds, and BB shells among others. The smoke is a mixture of potassium chlorate, lactose, and a dye. When ignited, it offers a screen to escape from an opponent.

Tornado and Cyclone Grenades

The two are a product of Airsoft Company, and they have a spoon and a pin to hold the grenade in place, a resemblance of the real missiles. To detonate, you need to move the bolt. Both tornado and cyclone grenades operate on propane or C02 gas.


Tornado grenade was the first version, and it came in both on-impact and timer modes. The impact mode detonates immediately after hitting the ground while the timer mode takes time to build the pressure to release the BB balls. The timers are unpopular to many gamers because of the delay that affects accuracy on detonation.

However, the combination of aluminum and plastic casing makes them durable and long lasting. In the recent past, this type of grenade has been slowly disappearing in the retail market giving way to the newest version.


A cyclone grenade is the latest version from the airsoft company. It has become popular with gamers because of its low price and availability. This version does not come with a timer-type of a grenade. It’s only available in an on-impact mode that detonates immediately after hitting the surface. It releases pellets at a rate of 225FPS in 360 degrees angle. They’re inexpensive and easy to operate.

The only disadvantage with the cyclone is their low-quality polymer frame which is not as long-lasting as that of the tornado.


Using airsoft grenades gives you a more significant advantage over your opponents. You can quickly clear a group of enemies who are hidden at close quarters as you buy yourself more time to run for cover. The smoke grenade blinds the enemies while the shower grenade creates a distraction while eliminating enemies.

Unlike the real world, airsoft has no limit to the number of weaponry you can have as long as they’re within your budget and you have the time to use them. Always make sure to mark them especially when in a public place where more than one person is using grenades.

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