How Do Airsoft Guns Work?

How Do Airsoft Guns Work?

Airsoft guns are meant for recreational purposes. To get the most out of them, it’s important to learn the basics about their types and how they work. This can help you use them for different forms of recreational activities. Here is some important information on the operation of airsoft rifles.


Just like the name suggests, airsoft guns are air-powered. They can fire round projectiles (usually 6mm in diameter, although you can get other sizes). The reason why airsoft rifles are so much fun to use is that they have several great attributes:

  • Their designs resemble those of real firearms. Most people love this. There are brands that have better designs than others
  • You can fire them at long distances and still be accurate. Therefore, you can enjoy something that closely resembles real-life battle situations
  • You can find them in the most classical forms. This may be difficult to find and at the same time expensive since they’re typically collector items.

The commonest airsoft rifles use compression to launch projectiles. The available propulsion methods include gas and spring types (which include electric and manual options). For gas compression, you can choose CO2, HFC, or Green Gas. With these different forms of compression come varying sub-methods.

Different Systems

The characteristic peculiarities and technicalities of how airsoft rifles work depend on the specific weapon system you’re looking at. There are three common systems, and their shooting methods are spring, electric, and gas.

Each firing mechanism has its own strengths as well as weaknesses. To choose the one that suits your specific needs, you have to know how it works. For instance, if you’re a sniper, a spring-based system is best for you. On the other hand, an electric option can be suitable for you if you’re a close-combat player.

Automatic Electric Gun (AEG)

AEGs are the most common airsoft rifles available. A rechargeable battery powers this kind of gun. The rifle, in turn, supplies energy to a piston that’s motor based and a spring to shoot airsoft pellets in semi- or fully automatic firing style. This is because of the continuous running of motors. You have to replace the batteries or recharge them after heavy usage.

These systems fire at the rate of between 400 and 1600 RPM (rounds per minute). Their muzzle velocity can easily go beyond 400 FPS when you are in the meters game that is about 120m/s. The reason why most beginners prefer AEGs is that they:

  • Are affordable
  • Are reliable
  • Perform both for distance and close quarter battles
  • Work well regardless of the role you play, whether it is defense or assault

An Automatic Electric Pistol (AEP) is a personal weapon system of interest for those who would advance their skills in airsoft. It provides a secondary option with a single fire lockout or a spectacular automatic firing rate.

Here’s the unboxing of CM030 electrical pistol model:

AEG rifles dominate the market since they’re an affordable option that’s easy to use for beginners and are available in diverse forms and prices. Moreover, their systems present the following advantages over the other types of guns:

  • The spring doesn’t require manual cocking
  • Capability to fire automatically or semi-automatically
  • Very affordable
  • It is cheaper to use rechargeable batteries than buy gas
  • Work excellently in all temperature conditions
  • Easy to maintain

However, AEGs have the following disadvantages:

  • Vulnerable to stoppages in their bolt system. This may cause gun seizing when firing
  • They produce a ‘whizzing’ sound which may be an issue with some people
  • They require you to carry some extra battery packs
  • When it’s damp, they can have some issues
  • The complete system can be expensive, considering the cost of the included magazines

Gas Airsoft Guns

gas airsoft gunGas-powered airsoft guns work on a gas reservoir. Since the gas source needs frequent replacement, you should know its chamber’s location. Different guns have different places for the chamber. You should ensure that you’re aware of yours so as to make replacement easy.

134a green gas, a compressed propane gas form, is the one that powers the rifle. All you need to do is load the high-pressure gas into the gun and cock the weapon. When you fire, the rifle releases a spurt of gas into the valve that accelerates the pellet or BB out of the muzzle under high pressure.

What happens after the firing is a kick-back feeling. It results from the gas build-up in the rifle that’s meant to push the pellet out. That pressure pushes back your slide, loads the next pellet, and resets the firing hammer, ready for the succeeding shot. This way, you don’t have to re-cock your weapon again.

The kick-back feeling is what makes gas-powered guns different from AEGs. It is more enjoyable since it provides a feel that resembles a real gun firing scenario. That’s why gas blowback gun users are many, even though they’re not more than those of AEGs.

This system has the following advantages over the other options:

  • It doesn’t depend on an electric source to fire
  • It provides a realistic blowback action. Some people love the simulation
  • It can fire automatically or semi-automatically

However, gas systems tend to be more expensive as they require frequent replacement of the chambers. Also, they can perform dismally during colder temperatures when you’re using CO2. Additionally, your fight is over once you’re out of gas.

Spring-Powered Guns

Spring-powered airsoft rifles are also very common. The guns make use of a tension spring to shoot off pellets from the muzzle. They typically fire one shot at a time. This means that you’ll have to pull back the gun’s slide frequently for it to shoot succeeding rounds.

Cocking for this rifle requires manual power. You must provide the necessary force for the spring to come to a tensed position. Once you pull the trigger, there’s a release of this tension into the BB or pellet, causing it to leave the gun at high speed. This rifle is suitable for snipers.

Here’s more about the difference of spring and gas guns:


Understanding how different airsoft guns function can help you make the right purchase decision. If you’re a beginner, grab an AEG. If you’re the kind that loves simulation, gas-powered options are great for you. Finally, a spring-powered option would suit your sniper skills.

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