How Fast Do Airsoft Guns Shoot?

How Fast Do Airsoft Guns Shoot?

In addition to having fun and raising adrenaline levels, most airsoft games hobbyists look forward to shooting their opponents with speed and precision while avoiding being shot or tagged. Airsoft guns closely resemble the real weapons except they use round rubber bullets. They were first created in South East Asia to play the tag or airsoft game without incurring injuries that real guns can cause.

The airsoft game uses the same mechanism as the paintball tag; nevertheless, you should not confuse the two. The airsoft guns do not leave paint marks on the opponent. During the game, the participants rely on the honor system where one calls themselves out.

There are three popular categories of airsoft guns in the market which have different pellet thrust force. These are electric, spring and gas powered guns. Either of these makes determines the airsoft’s gun shooting speed.

How Fast Do Airsoft Guns Shoot?

  • Geographic Location

The speed of an air gun depends on the country of manufacture and use. In Japan, the air gun speed cannot legally exceed 320m/s. In other countries, such as China, they manufacture guns with high FPS for use in other countries like Europe and the USA. Thus their speed rate range from 320m/s up to 420m/s.

  • Parts Quality

The parts used in making the air gun are vital in determining the speed of your shoot. Most cheap guns with high feet -per- second feature are of less performance compared to Japanese sourced airsoft guns which use high-quality internal parts.

If you’re looking for a fast shooting air gun, a cheap $30 airsoft gun will not serve the purpose despite having a high FPS. Chances are it will fail you in the game by breaking since the parts used cannot sustain the pressure.

  • The Playing Field

Airsoft guns shoot fast within a CQB than they do in the open field. For instance, a 220FPS rifle is suitable for an enclosed area with barriers because the shooting distance is less than 100 feet making the shooting precise and accurate.

However, the same gun is useless in an open space; chances are the opponents won’t feel its effect underneath the heavy clothing. Other factors such as wind can quickly change the pellet’s direction from a low-speed-gun.

Types of Airsoft Guns With Relation To speed

Automatic Electric Airsoft Guns

These airsoft guns also known as AEGs are the most popular and accurate of the airsoft guns. They replicate the real weapons in mold and performance. In a minute, an automatic electric gun can fire 600 to 900 rounds. Tokyo Marui is the most popular brand of AEG, and their retail price is nothing short of $300. Although pricey, they use quality internal parts such as cadmium battery that powers three motors to bring a realistic flow of rubber bullets.

A fully equipped battery could last for 5 hours if the AEG is in a fully automatic mode. Its precision declines with the amount of power, and it’s, therefore, advisable to use it on semi-automatic when out in the field.

Spring Airsoft Guns

Spring airsoft guns are the most reliable guns in the market however their speed is only convenient for short distance shooting. They operate by compressing the spring which when it’s released, thrusts the projectile forward at a speed-rate of 300m/s or more. The spring length determines how fast the pellet will move. In this case the longer the spring, the faster the pellet moves.

The spring should also be in excellent condition. The spring airsoft gun is suitable for beginners mainly because you have to angle it as you aim to get a clear shot. 

The feature of manually aiming them to a target makes them easier to handle, unlike their counterparts. The fact that spring rifles are easy to use and suitable for beginners,  their prices are also relative with cheapest retailing from as low as $20.

Gas powered airsoft Guns

They operate by using a form of gas such as propane or CO2 to thrust the pellets and also reset back the gun. Although its speed is close to the AEG type, veterans rarely use it as a primary gun. It’s usually for backup essentially because it’s hard to shoot at precision.

The gas also runs out too quickly and can leave you without a functioning weapon during a heated game.

Here’s how to make an airsoft gun shoot faster:

How to Choose A Suitable BB Gun

gas airsoft pistol with bb bulletsChoosing the correct weapon, even in a game, determines your success. Although speed is a factor to look at when picking a BB gun, you should also consider other features such as the game environment. Different airsoft guns are the most effective in different contexts.

Close quarter battles are less complicated than open space battles. Their shooting range is between 50 to 100 feet. The MP5 series, which comprises of gas powered and spring powered guns, works best in a closed environment. Their prices vary from $20 to $400.

Open space battles take place in the woods or a free environment and thus require high powered airsoft gun. When choosing a weapon for open-environment airsoft combat, you should go for M4 and M14, M16 and M4 series which have a velocity of more than 400feet per second.

Carrying a gas powered gun works to your advantage in both cases. The pistol is a backup and a secret weapon in close quarters because of its high firing power.


Although airsoft guns are relatively safer than real guns, safety measures should be in place before engaging in the game. The headgear should be in place as well as thick clothing. The BB gun cannot kill you, but it is quite painful when on direct skin contact and at high speed.

To determine the speed of your BB gun, find out what type it is first. AEG guns should be the primary guns used by experienced users with a gas powered hand-gun as back up. Though the spring guns are reliable, you’ll find their speed unsatisfactory as you become more experienced.

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