How long does a Game of Laser Tag Last?

How long does a Game of Laser Tag Last?

Don’t you ever wish that you could let your frustration out soundly? Well, there is a creative and innovative solution available. It is one where you can enjoy yourself, experience action and adrenaline as if you are in an actual combat scenario.

The best part is that it’s totally safe and secure. Indeed many consider this option to be a constructive and highly entertaining one. We are actually talking about the game of Laser Tag. It is an exciting activity that will not only allow you to release stress but also greatly delight you with the whole experience. This is a hobby that you can relish as it also increases your physical health and ability as well.

How long does a Game of Laser Tag take?


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These are fast times that we live in. Everyone is busy with their work, be it a job, business, projects, studies and what else. It is a difficult task to set aside time for your hobbies and enjoyable activities. Some people can’t find the time and that is why they might not go for new hobbies. Well then let us brief you about just how long it takes to play a game of Laser Tag then.

  • The Briefing:

This is the time that the players spend on learning about the rules and regulations of the game. The briefing is usually given to better familiarize players about the game and how it should be played. Enthusiastic players can also ask questions about the game in this section. It usually takes about 3-5 minutes.

  • Gameplay:

This is the main crux of the game and takes up the major portion of the required time. Here the combatants gather in the designated combat area. It can be indoors or outdoors and this is where the fun starts. Each team will try to eliminate the other’s members with the one that scores most emerging as the winner. This is the part that is the most fun and usually takes anywhere from 12 to 20 minutes.

  • Score Card Announcements:

In this step, the game manager stops the game and the teams assemble in the briefing area once again. This is when the announcement of the final score happens. It can be done through electronically generated scorecards or through any other means that are available. The teams learn about their performance, skill rate, total kills, the most valuable player and other such details. This is the phase where the winning team is announced so it’s pretty important. On average this stage takes about 2-5 minutes.

What is Laser Tag?


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For those of you who don’t know, Laser Tag is a game that is played with guns. No not the literal types of guns….but rather guns that fire infrared beams. You might be thinking, “Just how does it work then? Well, it is quite simple actually. Each combatant/participant has to wear a jacket, or target, that is sensitive and conductive to infrared. These combatants then divide into teams with each usually sporting different color. They then maneuver around the designated combat area where each team tries to beat the other by trying to light up their infrared targets with their guns. It might sound simplistic here, but it’s actually a ton of fun and really pulls you into the game.

The game of laser tag came into being in the year of 1979. It basically evolved from Star Trek Electronic Phasers that were created by a company called Milton Bradley. From these simple beginnings, Laser Tag has now become a popular hobby loved by many. You can play it in both indoor and outdoor settings. There are numerous styles when it comes to playing like eliminate the enemies, or eliminate the leader, etc. Laser tag enthusiasts may also go for combat simulations, role-playing and more. There are even championships that are held each year that have tough and precise regulations and goals.

Laser tag is a game that isn’t limited to a specific age group. As a matter of fact, it is popular and played amongst a wide range of age groups. It doesn’t matter if you are a kid, a teenager, or an adult as you can still participate in a fun-filled game of laser tag.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, as can be seen, a normal game of Laser tag takes about 20-25 minutes in total on average. The average and good turnover rate at any laser tag arena are mostly 7 groups per 2 hours. This isn’t that long of a period for such a fascinating and thrill-filled game. It really brings groups together so that they can enjoy and have a great time. So, go out there and give Laser Tag a try. It will not disappoint you.

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