How Much Does a Paintball Gun Cost?

How Much Does a Paintball Gun Cost?

Paintball can be so much fun when you’re winning, of course. The first step to achieve success and give your team the win is to have a good gun.

There’s a wide variety of paintball guns that offer different performances. Thus they vary in price.

That’s why we’re giving our insight on the different types of guns. We’ll also answer your question: how much does a paintball cost?


Types of Paintball Guns


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Before buying a paintball gun, it’s important that you understand the different available types as they can vary in cost significantly.

All paintball guns work by loading the ball into the barrel, sealing the barrel, and using compressed gas, typically CO2 or high-pressure air (HPA), that expands and pushes the ball out of the barrel.

The main difference between the different types of guns is the mechanism used to load and fire the balls. They’re mainly categorised into mechanical and electrical guns. There are also hybrid types that use electro-mechanical setups.



These guns are usually semi-automatic. When you pull the trigger, a small bolt with a spring mechanism loads the ball into the barrel and then hits a pin that opens the gas valve.

The compressed gas expands into the barrel, which forces the ball out and pushes the bolt back into position. That’s why it’s considered a blowback type of gun.

Mechanical guns are slower and less accurate than other types. They can run on both CO2 and HPA, but they tend to consume a bigger amount of gas per shot, hence fewer shots per tank.

The upside is that they’re cheaper and can be easily maintained and fixed.



They’re also known as electro-pneumatic guns. They include embedded circuit boards responsible for controlling the solenoids that release the ball and the gas. The trigger sends an electrical signal to the board instead of moving a mechanical par, which makes it lighter to pull.

These are automatic guns capable of several programmable firing modes. They use regulators to control the gas pressure, allowing them to produce more accurate and consistent firing.

While they consume less air per shot, they mostly support HPA only.

Despite being faster than mechanical guns, they use rechargeable batteries to power the circuits, they’re harder to troubleshoot and fix, and they’re more expensive.


How Much to Pay for a Paintball Gun


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Now that you know about the main types of paintball guns that you can get, let’s see how much they cost.

The cost of a paintball gun can vary greatly, depending on the quality and performance level it offers. You can get guns for as low as $30 or opt for the high-end options, which could reach up to $2000 and possibly even higher.

It’s essential that you be aware that the cost of the paintball gun consists of two parts. The first part is the initial cost, which is the cost of the gun itself. The second part is the cost of the additional equipment for the gun like the hopper and the gas tanks.

You should also take into consideration the recurring cost of the ammo and the CO2 or pressurised air re-fill for the tanks.



As we mentioned, the paintball gun has a wide price range. Determining the right gun to go for will depend on how serious you’re planning on being involved in paintball and the level you’re willing to compete in, as well as, how frequently you’re expecting to play.

If you’ll be playing just for fun, only a few times a year, It’s better to opt for the low-end options.

You can get a plastic pump gun for as low as $30 to $60. It’s a simple mechanical gun that you must manually pump every time in order to load the ball into the barrel before firing. You’ll also need a hopper and a bunch of 12-gram CO2 tanks.


If you’re going to be playing more regularly and want a decent option that’ll allow you to perform well, there are some cheap options that offer fairly decent quality and shot accuracy.

They range from $100 to $200. These will mostly be mechanical guns like the Tippmann Cronus and the Spyder Kingman.


Playing at a more competitive level will require even bigger investment to get the needed accuracy, speed, and consistency. That’s what most medium-end guns offer you. You can expect to pay between $200 and $500 for a reliable gun.

You can find both mechanical guns, including pump guns, and electrical guns. You have a wide variety to choose from like the Empire Axe, Tippmann A-5, and TMC MAGFED, among others.


Finally, there are the high-end guns that start from $1000 and up. There are options like the MacDev Clone, Empire Vanquish, and Planet Eclipse. You might want to consider opting for one of these if you’re truly committed to the game and want a gun that’ll stay with you for a long time.

Another aspect that’s worth checking is the price of upgrades and repairs. Some guns are more sophisticated than others and the cost of fixing them or buying replacement parts is higher.

You might also want to make add some upgrades and customisations like better barrels and expansion chambers. These costs could start from $20 and go up to hundreds of dollars.



The hopper, also known as the loader, is the part that stores and feeds the balls into the gun. Cheap options could cost around $5 and hold up to 200 balls, which is not much but a good number for a beginner.

There are more expensive electronic hoppers that allow consistent feeding.


Gas Tank

You’ll probably need more than one tank at your disposal. CO2 tanks start at about $12. HPA tanks are more expensive and harder to find.


Wrap Up


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If you love paintball and you’re confident that you’ll be regularly playing, it’s a good idea to invest in a high-end gun in the thousand dollars range and up. It’ll give you high-accuracy and speed, and you’ll be able to upgrade it and add more features along the way.

If you’re not so sure and want to have one or two trials first, you might consider not even buying a gun and go for the renting option, which would probably cost less than $30 per time for the whole equipment set.

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