How Much Does it Cost to Play Paintball?

How Much Does it Cost to Play Paintball?

Paintball is a little bit different from some other types of sports activities when it comes to cost in that you pay according to the price you’re ready to shell out. Whether you’re buying equipment or booking a location, it depends on how much you’d want to spend. Whatever your budget is, with proper research, you can have a time of your life.

It’s common sense and logical to begin slowly. Often, beginners in paintball kick-start their career with a small budget. On the other hand, seasoned players can spend a fortune on booking a location or equipment purchases once they’ve mastered the game.

Cost of a Reservation

People typically play paintball on a course that was designed for that purpose. One enthusiast might discover a private place, while another may have the ability to independently throw games on their residential property.

However, you shouldn’t always take it for granted. When you’re reserving a location for paintball, the reservation is on a rate per person basis. Fortunately, you could get deals that are dependent on the number of people who intend to play.

Bringing Your Own Equipment vs Buying On-Field

protective gear for paintballThe cost of paintball equipment varies considerably from one field to another. Sometimes, bringing your own pieces doesn’t matter since many locations can force you to purchase their own paint. Also, you may not use your own paintballs. You may need to invest in the ones that are at the field.

If you’re going to buy a paintball package of 2000 pieces, then expect to part with about $30-60. The number of packages to buy depends on your experience level. Beginners usually spend an average of 500 paintballs per day. Seasoned players can utilize way less than that.

All-Inclusive Deals

Most paintball facilities offer deals that include everything you’ll need for the game. However, you should put in mind that on-field equipment is often old and worn-out but usable. All-in-1 packages vary from location to location and include field fees, gun, mask, paintballs box, and air.

Initial Cost

If you’re planning to go paintballing on a regular basis, it’s best to invest in your own equipment. It’s always better to play with a marker you’ve already mastered instead of always renting different types of guns. Invest in a paintball kit of your own, from gun to protective wear and everything in between. This ensures that all things fit you properly.

Paintball is like an investment. The initial cost can rise. However, it pays off eventually after you’ve mastered your equipment properly. You may also opt to invest in cheaper items. However, it may turn out to be expensive in the long run. It’s best to buy quality equipment, and that’ll cost some good amount.

Purchasing Equipment

A mask and a paintball gun are the two most important items that you can’t play without. There’re many different masks to choose from. You should figure out one that fits you and your personal style of play. It’s very important to invest in a mask since it protects your face and keeps you safe while on the field.

Your face’s skin is not only thin but also sensitive. If a shot hits you on the face, it pains more than in the many other parts of the body. Also, your eyes are extremely delicate. Additionally, a paintball can land in your mouth and explode in the throat. A mask covers all these areas to keep you safe.

The marker is equally important. While there are inexpensive guns on the market, they may not perform optimally. Pump rifles, for instance, are the cheapest options. However, they are slower and less accurate as compared to guns that utilize CO2 or compressed air.

You can find online offers that include basic pump deals. In such cases, you’ll receive a plastic pump rifle, disposable canisters, hopper, and an inexpensive mask. This could be your cheap starting point. However, consider that you would have to replace the canisters after every shot.

Semi-automatic paintball markers are better options than pump rifles for beginners. Most players who are just starting love such guns. On the other hand, there are many other types of markers that beginners shouldn’t go for yet. They include 3 round burst guns, ramping, and fully automatic. They are great for seasoned players.

By the way, here are must-have paintball accessories:

Ongoing Costs

For every paintball location you’ll visit, there’s a fee to pay. Paintballing also requires that you frequently buy the balls for the games once they run out. Fortunately, you can buy paintballs in bulk. Usually, they come in packages of 2000, ranging from 50 to 68 calibers around.

400;”>Paintballs also come in different kinds of qualities depending on shell thickness, paint thickness, and the roundness of the shell. High-grade balls are perfectly round, thin-shelled, and with thick paint. This guarantees that they burst once they hit a target. It’s not possible for your opponent to hide once you’ve shot them with this kind of ball.  

Your source of energy during a paintball match is an air canister. Canisters come in different sizes and styles. Traditionally, they use CO2. However, compressed air is gaining more popularity nowadays because it’s more stable and environmentally friendly.

With old pump guns that generally use 12g CO2 canisters, you need to do a replacement after every shot. Most paintball fields have easily accessible spots for refilling. If you opt to buy instead, it can be costlier though canisters have varying costs.   

Do Your Own Research

You may have to pay anywhere between 20-130 bucks to play your first paintball game depending on whether you’ll be renting equipment or using your own. It also depends on the location you choose. That’s why it’s important to do research and compare prices.

Calling several paintball locations alone can help you to significantly cut down the cost. There are a number of things to ask about when doing your comparisons. They include playing fee, rental kit prices, group discounts, refill fees, on-site paintball refills, among others.


The cost of paintballing depends on you. How much are you willing to part with? Just like several other action games, it can be relatively cheap to start off your paintball career. As you advance, expect the cost to rise.

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