How To Cheat At Laser Tag?

How To Cheat At Laser Tag?

Let’s face it, no one likes losing. While it’s good to be honorable and all that, sometimes it’s important to throw all of that away and just get down to it and do what needs to be done. If you’ve been on the receiving end of harsh jokes because of your frequent losses at laser tag, you may need to consider a new approach to playing the game. You may need to consider cheating.

What? Cheating? No. Stop it. You’re here already, you might as well take the valuable tips on offer and reclaim your dignity. Now, not all of these tips are technically cheating. And I am not just saying that to make it sound okay to use these tips. It’s just the truth. While some may be cheating, they really just show you how to bend the rules a bit and play unconventionally.


So how does one cheat at Laser Tag?


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Take Care Of The Sensors

Many Laser Tag sets do not come with armors, and the target sensors are actually on the guns themselves. This provides a unique opportunity to cheat. Covering up these sensors with invisible tape will severely limit the ability of your enemies to take you down. While a lot of Laser Tag set manufacturers have discovered this method of cheating and are subsequently making sensors immune to such tactics, a lot of sensors can still be blocked.

I should warn you though, this is a pretty extreme form of cheating and if you do it well, you can win comfortably. But if your mates find out about it, you may be in deep trouble.

Use The Best Guns

This may sound somewhat basic. Of course, you may be thinking, one should always use the best guns. But hear me out. The older a Laser Tag gun is, the more likely it is that it is already losing some of its potency as it has been used numerous times.

In this case, the smart thing to do will be to consciously search for the newest guns as they usually have stronger lasers and are more accurate. Having better guns give you the chance to take down your enemies better than they can take you down, and that ultimately leads you to victory.

Be A Man— Or Woman, In Black

This isn’t really cheating, but it can help you win— which is why you’re here in the first place. Most Laser Tag games are played in the dark, and in such games, stealth can come really handy. Perhaps the reason you’ve been losing is that you don’t dress appropriately for games.

You’d be surprised how mild colors look even in the dark. Of course, this makes it easier for you to be spotted.  You would be better served to wear all black when playing.

Your Finger On The Trigger Always

This isn’t straight up cheating. It’s just something to help you when you’re playing. Continuously shooting gives you a better chance of hitting a target, especially when you don’t know where the targets are. After all, you miss a hundred percent of the shots that you don’t take.

Cover Your Laser And Your Position

This may not sound like the smartest option in the world, but it could help. Why? Your laser doesn’t actually have to be visible for it to be effective. Besides, if your laser is visible, everyone can see you, and you’d just be a sitting duck.

Here’s a smart way to avoid that. You can use a little tap to cover up the laser of your gun. Thus, you’ll be able to use it to attack your enemies without them knowing where you’re shooting from.

The Closer The Better

Most Laser Tag Guns actually cover a distance of about 120ft, so they are relatively effective over long distances. However, the same cannot be said for accuracy.

As a rule, with Laser Tag, you’re likely to be more accurate the closer you are to your opponent. In fact, if you manage to get really close to your opponent, you can pretty much shoot at anywhere and be guaranteed a hit. This isn’t the smartest choice though, as it exposes you to attacks too. However, if you are bad at aiming, this may just be the right tactic for you.

Never Ever Stop Moving

In Laser Tag, if you’re not moving, you’re a prime target. Even when shooting, make sure that you’re on the run. Importantly, make sure that you aren’t running in a predictable manner. None of that straight running nonsense.

Let your pattern of running be erratic and unpredictable as possible. A moving target is very hard to hit, so if you’re camping, you should always be on the move.


If all hope is lost, you can restart your vest. Yes, if you have a target vest on, you can restart it, and the record of how many times you’ve been shot will be lost. Your own shots won’t be lost though, as they are on the vest of your opponent.

How do you do this? Easy. Simply plug and unplug a wire from your vest’s charging socket.


If you know the area well, an intelligent thing to do is to camp. You can do this by staying low in a secluded area and hunting passers-by.


You Want To Cheat? Now You’ve Got The Tools!


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If you’re really interested in cheating, these are the best ways for you to do it. However, you should be careful. Getting caught might mean trouble, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

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