How to Fix a Paintball Gun that Won’t Shoot?

How to Fix a Paintball Gun that Won’t Shoot?

Your paintball gun is arguably the most crucial equipment that you can go with to the field other than your mask. However, it’s a finicky and unpredictable piece. Some paintball guns can work without any issue for years, while others can cause you regular headaches. They can even disappoint during a match.

First of all – Understand How paintball Guns Work

There I found the video which I suggest to check for understanding paintball gun working principles –

If you attend paintball games regularly, then you’ve probably noticed that there are quite a number of players who struggle with guns that won’t shoot. Of course, there are those with markers that aren’t shooting at their target because of bad paint or dirty barrels. However, a gun that won’t shoot is an even greater problem.

Players that have such a serious problem often sit at tables, on their tailgates, or walk on and off the field, hoping that someone notices their problem and assists them. This is because they don’t know how to fix the issue. If they’re lucky enough to be playing in a big game, then a sympathetic vendor might help them out.  

Sadly, an expert from Tippmann can work on players’ markers for hours without getting a break just because no one else knows how to do it. At least the expertise helps save the match as the players can go back to the field as soon as possible. However, should this be the trend? Isn’t there a need for players to know what to do when the worst happens?

How to Fix a Paintball Gun that Won’t Shoot?

paintball gunSurprisingly, the majority of paintball gun issues with standard blow-style options such as Tippmanns and Spyders are common. In fact, a layperson like you can fix them without much effort. However, there’re some serious ones that might require the assistance of an expert.

Nevertheless, you can begin fixing your own gun if you’re eager to. The first step is to become knowledgeable. Read your manual properly and get tools to work on your marker. Go online and view videos or follow forums on different kinds of issues and how to solve them. The second step is to be bold enough to do it.

You’ll notice through your research that there are many possible causes of a misfiring paintball gun. Therefore, solving the issue involves troubleshooting. The suggestion is to start by trying to fix the problem with the simplest solution available. If it doesn’t work, then build up to more sophisticated ones.

Some Tips How to Fix a Paintball Gun If your marker doesn’t fire at all, then one the following could be the problem, and fixing it might offer a solution:

  1. It could be that you’ve not powered it up. By powering up your marker, your gun should begin to fire.
  2. A disengaged ASA. Engaging it can solve the issue.
  3. Your battery charge is either flat or very low. It could also be that you’re using one that’s of a low quality. Replacing the battery can solve the problem.
  4. You’ve set the DWELL parameter too low. Just increase it.
  5. Incorrect trigger setup. Adjust it so that it can fully open and close the microswitch.
  6. You’ve enabled the breach sensor but the breach doesn’t have paint. In this case, fill the loader with paint. Also, check for blockages in the Loader and feed tube.
  7. You’ve not plugged the pilot valve wire into its PCB port.
  8. Damaged PCB. Replacing it offers a solution.
  9. Damaged pilot valve. You should replace it.
  10. If the marker won’t fire when power is up, it could be an indication of a permanently depressed trigger. In this case, adjust the trigger until there’s a deactivation of its selected detection method when you release it.

Paintball Gun Not Recocking (Re-Cocking Issues)

There are also times when your paintball marker may fail to re-cock. The simplest cause could be an empty tank. You just need to check if it’s full. If it isn’t, then replace it with a filled up tank. If that is not the problem, here are some suggestions of what you could do:

  • Make sure that the inside and outside of the gun is thoroughly clean. If there exist broken paintballs in the chamber from the previous game, you might be having a gummed up hammer and bolt, so sliding may be a problem. Cleaning and properly lubricating the internals should solve this issue.
  • Paintball gun re-cock failure may also result from inadequate pressure being on the hammer. Increasing tension on this part of the marker should fix the problem. However, if it doesn’t, you need to replace the hammer spring of the gun.
  • Examine all the O-rings of the gun. Replace any worn out or broken pieces and test your marker again.

When to Look for an Expert

If your gun doesn’t fire after all the troubleshooting, then it might be having some serious mechanical problem. Take it to a marker pro shop so an expert can examine its parts. If you’re lucky, the professional might fix the issue right away. However, there’re times when you have to order for replacement parts that may take some few days to arrive.

Paintball Gun Maintenance

In the medical world, prevention is better than looking for a cure. The principle remains the same here. It’s wiser to maintain your marker properly than wait until it breaks down. For some people’s bolts to slide, they need a hammer. You don’t have to let your gun get this bad. Here are some things to do so your marker can work like it’s new:

  1. Make sure you do cleaning or any maintenance according to the instructions in the owner’s manual. Ensure you’re using the correct type of oil for your specific gun. Also, do not disassemble your marker too often as it increases the risk to lose some bolts.
  2. Ensure you oil the O-ring at the front and back before every match. However, don’t do it excessively.
  3. Always clean your gun thoroughly after using it. Ensure you remove the CO2 tank first. Do not use chemical cleaners, soap, or abrasive washcloths to clean.
  4. Keep your gun in a dry, safe place, away from direct sunlight.


Although fixing the most common paintball gun issues is relatively easy, it’s better to avoid having them. Maintaining your marker properly ensures that it’s in good working condition all the time so you won’t miss a game.

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