How to Make a Paintball Team?

How to Make a Paintball Team?

Paintball is increasingly becoming more popular today. In fact, many fields and organizations are rising up, thanks to the sport. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s simple to begin playing paintball. If you’re a newbie, it might pose several challenges to you, especially when you’re moving into a team from individual play.

Fortunately, you can enjoy paintball the best by forming your own team to compete regularly even if you’re an amateur. It’s possible to succeed at tournaments after putting together a well-organized group of players. However, team play requires some level of preparation and coordination that individual playing doesn’t.  

Develop Your Paintball Team

Here are steps towards developing a strong team (11 Steps you must follow to make great paintball team).

  • Develop friendships.

Almost every paintball team starts the same way, where at least two people realize that they like playing the game alongside each other. The comrades can then choose to move it a step further. However, if the two don’t like playing paintball together, then whatever they begin has no destiny.

  • Ask friends.

After you’ve developed friendship and comradeship, it’s much easier to ask one or two people to join you in your new endeavor. Begin with those who know how to play. Also, ask some friends who would like to learn the game. Paintball isn’t complicated and learning it is not a hard task. It’s also fun for a number of people, so they may find it easier to join you.

  • Flyer posting.

Posting flyers may seem like an old-fashioned way of broadcasting messages but it can be effective. This is especially true when you’re reaching out to a specific audience such as those who have paintball experience.

Make your flyers creative and colorful enough to attract the attention of passers-by. If possible, include a photo of a paintball gun on them or something related to that as an indication of the kind of team you’re planning to build.

You can decide to post the flyers at the field, private business premises, high schools, or colleges. However, make sure you receive an approval before using their cork boards that are dedicated to this purpose. If you’re fortunate, then you can use them for free.

  • Make use of online platforms.

Paintball-specific web forums (For example – and social media can be a great way of communicating with large numbers of people who may have an interest in joining your team. Just be sure to include details about where you intend to play, tournament admission and other related costs, and your level of experience.

If you already have a name and a logo for your team, then include it in the post in order to catch potential players’ attention. For your posting, use an appealing but simple title such as, “Join my new paintball team!”

  • Set goals.

goal settingEvery paintball team has its own goals and styles. Are you starting a team just for fun, hanging out, and playing a few tournaments? Is it your dream to have a strong group of players who can dominate the local scene and beyond?

You should set your goals as early as possible so that everyone who joins later knows exactly what you’re up to. Otherwise, you’d have several dropouts or a bunch of frustrated people. You’ll quickly become boring to an aggressive, competitive player if your team is only casual and for fun. On the other hand, recreational players can suffer from burnouts if they join a domination-minded group.

Therefore, you should begin with small steps. Pay attention to every team member’s commitment to family, work, church, or school life. If your group can have the same level of dedication, then you can go far. There’ll always be people who have little time for your team. These can drop out at any stage. Others who tend to have lots of time can move on with you, so be patient.

One thing you should do is keep your expectations in check. A sponsored, touring team with international recognition requires a lot of commitment that many people might not achieve. Therefore, have realistic hopes.

  • Begin with regular practice.

paintball shootingIt’s likely that all the teams you’ll compete against in any tournament have some level of experience so you may not perform well without practicing. Don’t just show up and begin playing. Practice is key to improving your team’s skills, preparing you for more victories.

You can choose to practice in open fields, wooded areas, or spacious backyards. However, the best place would be the field where you’ll be competing in real tournaments. This makes it easier for your team to acquaint themselves with that environment. So talk to a local field owner for a home ground arrangement. Make an agreement and uphold your end of it. Keep the relationship strong as it may result in a sponsorship.

In picking regular times for practice, try as much as possible to stick with what can work with each team member. This helps in avoiding scheduling conflicts as well as making sure that everyone is practicing regularly. During practice, develop a teamwork attitude and work on a strategy. Concentrating your efforts on particular parts of the battleground and how to provide shelter for each other should be your points of focus.

Also, find a way of regularly playing friendly matches with teams that are better than yours. This way, you can get better. There’s more to learn when you lose against a strong team than beating a poor one. Discuss as teammates and find out your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Find a uniform.

Dressing uniformly is a very crucial step in building a paintball team. It can really boost the morale and psychology of your teammates. You can begin with everyone wearing the same color, brand, and model of jersey or customized printed long sleeve shirts. Afterward, your team can agree on the mask, pants, and any other clothing they’d like to put on. A professional look makes the group of players more focused.

  • Assigning roles and responsibilities.

To ensure that everything moves on efficiently, your team should appoint one person to be a captain. This should be a great leader as well as a negotiator. There should be another person to handle your team’s emails, website, and social media. Another one should be in charge of equipment.

  • Build discipline.

Without discipline, your team can never advance to where you want it to go. One of the most important things to teach the group of players is how to muzzle their mouths. Be an example. Let them not trash talk any other team, field, or a local business. The consequences of such actions can go a long way in ruining your future.

  • Do other activities.

You can set a team fishing day or bowling night regularly. Go to the theatre. Hang out together and have fun. It helps to build team spirit and comradeship. By doing things together outside the environment of paintball, you attract prospective recruits into your team.

  • Look for sponsorship.

Ask some businesses within your locality if they can sponsor your team. The sponsorship can include the company buying you uniforms with their logo on the attire. Emphasize that many people are willing to attend your tournaments if only there’s sufficient promotion.

Preparation for Tournaments

Make sure you’re ready to commit your team to the entire season before signing up for any tournament. Understand the schedule and the budget early enough so there’ll be no excuse for missing an event except for the case of emergency. Also, try to look for tournaments that are far from your local area as you can learn more from new teams.

Here are some key things to do during preparation:

  • Payment of entry fee.

The paintball field requires payment for your team to play there. Some tournaments may have additional fees. Ensure you get this information early enough to discuss it with your teammates.

  • Get protective gear.

protective gear for paintballIt’s risky to play paintball without protective gear. You may end up with injuries. For this reason, most commercial tournaments have this as a requirement.

Make sure that you purchase enough face masks, long pants, long sleeve shirts, and any extra layers of clothing. Also, get fingerless paintball gloves for knuckles and a scarf or turtle sweater for the neck.

  • Gun preparation.

The most important equipment in paintball is the gun. Ensure it’s working properly before commencing any match. Take practice shots prior to every game. Make sure the paintball gun shoots straight and is properly assembled. 

paintball guns

Also, measure the velocity at which paintballs leave the gun. For safety purposes, most fields require that guns have a maximum speed of 300 feet per second.  

Also, ensure you have enough paintballs. Every player should have at least 800 of them per tournament match.

  • Get carbon dioxide tanks.

CO2 serves as gunpowder for paintball guns. Before every match, ensure that your tank is either full or at least half-full. Most sporting goods stores sell CO2 tanks.


Making a paintball team is not as easy as you may think. It begins with creating friendships, doing advertisements, setting goals, building discipline, and many other things in order to establish a strong group of players. It then requires you to make everything ready for tournaments.

Following these steps properly can be rewarding. However, you need to remember that longevity is much more important than victories in a paintball team. Therefore, focus on building lasting relationships through teamwork and having moments of fun together.

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