How to Mount a GoPro to a Paintball Mask?

How to Mount a GoPro to a Paintball Mask?

Paintball players can now record their moments of glory, thanks to new technology. This has made cameras for paintballing take off in popularity, allowing you to share the most thrilling action of the game. You can show off your skills to your friends and family or opt to train others through the videos.

Action Cameras For Paintball

Today’s sport paintball cameras are waterproof, smaller, and tough enough to stand the impact of shots and battering while on the field. They even record high-quality video at a resolution of up to 4K. Better still, simple, more durable, and ultra-light mounts for GoPros are now available. This makes them absolutely practical and minimal.

GoPro mounts have revolutionized the use of GoPros to include several activities. From swimming and biking to the military and sports, you can capture exciting moments anywhere and anytime. This is because you can now attach the mounts on almost anything.

When it comes to paintball, there are several ways you can mount your GoPro camera, and the mask mounts are great. Some players place their cameras on their markers. However, this may require a lot of editing as there are substantial amounts of noises and shaking in the resulting video. Chest mounts aren’t good since they get in the way of your gun.

If you’ve ever dreamt of mounting a GoPro camera on your mask to record your exciting moments in paintballing, it is now possible. However, there’s a need to ensure that there’s minimal damage to your headgear (Check our paintball masks roundup article) but the effect is maximum so you can show off your action in style. Here are tips to take you through that journey.

Mounting the Mount For GoPro Camera

You can use a 3D Printed GoPro mount from Unanistan 3D Print & Cut GoPro to make your work easy. These mounts are phenomenal. The company makes them for almost every kind of mask, including the most popular Empire EVS and Dye i4/i5 models. You might only require doing some little modification. You’ll also need a screwdriver.

The good thing with the paintball masks that are available on the market is that they have two openings at their top that allow for several mounting options. You can attach your GoPro mount through these holes. If you’re careful, there should be minimal damage to your mask, but it’s worth it.

go pro

  1. Start by disassembling your GoPro mount. Sometimes you have to thread out the screws, while at other times, it’s quite easy to remove them. You’ll get two parts of the mounting system after unscrewing the bolts. One-piece goes onto the inside of the mask while the other sits on top of it. One important thing to mention is that it’s easier to install your mount on the mask once you’ve taken off the lens. Of course, you don’t want to scratch it. That would mean you’d have to budget for another one or have problems with vision during the game.
  2. After removing the lens, take the GoPro mount and figure out where it would be best placed on your mask. Make sure that the center of the mount is positioned in such a way that when you put the camera on it, it would capture the action you’re interested in.
  3. Figure out where the screws would go by positioning your mount at the desired location. Remove the mount. Take one screw and wedge it in between the two vents of your mask. Work it a few times until there’s space enough to hold it strongly once you drive it in. Do the same with the other screw. You’ll appreciate this step later on.
  4. Remove the screws and bring back the mount into position. While you’re holding the upper part of the mount in place, put back the two screws. Since you had already wedged and worked them through the vents, it becomes easier to drive them through. Finally, insert the bottom part of the mount through the protruding bolts and put the nuts back on.
  5. At this time, the mount is secure on your mask. If it feels wobbly, add some #10 size washers or socket on the vent side to further stabilize it. However, the nuts are usually enough to hold the mount in place. Now, take the screwdriver and turn each nut. That GoPro mount won’t come off!

Here’s how to mount the mount:

Mount Your GoPro Camera

Once you’ve set the mount in place, mounting your GoPro camera anywhere you want is easy. You can use a traditional style or choose to let your camera stand high on top of your mask. When it is above your head, it lenses tend to fog up more quickly from your sweat fumes. However, the camera can capture what you may not see while behind the bunker. 

The Alabaster Slim method is usually better and is recommended by specialists. With it, the GoPro camera hangs off the front of the mask or sideways using a series of the camera’s arms. You may want to put some superglue behind your GoPro mount. It helps prevent the camera from clanging against the mask and producing some awful click sounds.

The mounting allows the camera to sit above your mask, out of the way of optics or iron sights. You are free to adjust it for perfect portability. It’s important to mark a line between the camera case and the mount once you’ve set the alignment for easy reparability.

Now Record the Thrilling Moments in Your Paintball Games!

After mounting your camera, the only thing you need to do is tilt the camera toward any direction of your choice and press the record button while you’re on the field. The mount allows you to have more predictability on where your GoPro is pointing. If you would like, let your friends also take videos from their masks or guns so you’re able to capture every moment. 

The advantage of this mounting technique is that you’ll end up with a very lightweight recording solution for your paintball mask that gets out of the way of your irons. It doesn’t bang on your head since it is tightly bound in place. With it, you can capture your thrilling paintball kills or eliminations without having to use a head strap.

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