How to Play Laser Tag like a Pro?

How to Play Laser Tag like a Pro?

There are very few activities that can allow you to expel your anxiety and frustration in a constructive and enjoyable manner. The number of those that allow you to take on real-life opponents is even fewer. Still, there is one method that can allow you to accomplish all the aforementioned objectives with ease. This is the activity called Laser Tag. It seems a bit strange by name but it’s an immensely pleasurable activity.

How to Play Laser Tag like a Pro


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There are certain techniques and skills that you need to learn if you want to become an absolute pro at the game of Laser Tag. We have elaborated these skills in detail as following to better facilitate you and improve your potential in Laser tag:

  • Improve your Accuracy:

First thing’s first, you need to work on your aim. As we said before Laser Tag is all about trying to hit the opponent with a laser beam. In order to do this successfully, you should work on improving your accuracy. Work on your aim by practicing on a dartboard, archery and any other activity that can improve your cognition in pertinence to aim and precision. You will marvel at your improvement.

  • Improve Stamina:

A player of Laser Tag is only as good as his or her physical fitness. You should remember that Laser Tag is a game, one that requires physical exertion. A player who possesses sufficient stamina and physical potential can easily weather all the challenges and demands that the game throws his/her way. You will become more agile and last longer in the game if you improve your stamina and physical skill. So, work on your jogging and running to enhance your overall pool of stamina.

  • Use those Covers:

Laser Tag is a gun-fight, albeit with guns that fire infrared beams of light. They are the bullets that you should be avoiding. Well fortunately just like bullets, you can also stop infrared beams by taking proper cover. Soldiers stick to the covers like a magnet in a gunfight to avoid incoming bullets. You should do the same in Laser Tag. Don’t go guns blazing into the fray as this spells certain doom. Be methodical and careful in your approach. Move from cover to cover and attack only when the opportunity presents itself. You will become more adept and capable in the art of laser tag this way.

  • Teamwork is Key:

No single player, no matter how adept or cunning he may be, can last against a whole team. You might be pretty good at the game of laser tag but you won’t last long as the lone wolf. That is because, in Laser Tag, you need to depend on your team. Usually, the team that possesses greater coordination and communicational advantage end up being the victor. You should quit being selfish and self-dependent in Laser Tag. Follow your team, communicate with them, transmit your thoughts and intents and you will certainly emerge victoriously.

  • Follow the Rules:

Rules are there for a reason and you should follow them too. The game manager is the one supervising the game and he briefs teams on the pertinent rules beforehand. Unconscious violation of these rules can cost you precious points and that can really hurt your chances for winning. So, be mindful and remember to always follow the rules.

  • Be Conscious and Mind your Surroundings:

Danger can come from any corner in laser tag just like in an actual gunfight. You should keep your senses sharp and be always mindful of your surroundings. Keep to the tight corners and fervently gaze around for any sound of danger or opponent approach. On the battlefield, it is always the most conscious and vigilant soldier who makes it through the night. Be like that soldier and your game will improve eminently.

Its proponents are many and its enthusiasts are growing in number with each passing day. The range of creativity and innovation in this activity is unparalleled. Participants will be able to attain catharsis in a manner that is pleasurable and buoying.

The most profound and attractive aspect of Laser Tag is that it is completely safe and reliable. It can be pretty entertaining when played in teams. Those who play Laser Tag not only manage to release their stress but also build up teamwork and coordination. As a matter of fact, it can also enhance one’s physical prowess as well. That is why its popularity is increasing exponentially all across the globe.

What Laser Tag is


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It was in the year of 1979 that Laser tag emerged as a game in the world. It basically came into being as a ramification of the Phasers toys from Star Trek which were manufactured by Milton Bradley Company. These were the humble and modest beginnings from which Laser Tag became a ubiquitous and prominently popular hobby loved by many.

The best thing about Laser Tag is that you can play it in indoor as well as outdoor settings. You can play it in a closed-off and properly demarcated indoor area or simply in outdoor areas that have proper ambiance and lighting. Laser Tag has different playing modes, such as eliminate the leader, eliminate the opposing team, role-playing scenarios, etc. There is no limit to the entertainment value that one can derive from this hobby.

Game Details:

Laser tag is a game that is played with guns, not the literal sort so be assured from that point. No, it is a simple game of gun-fighting that is played with guns that can emit infrared beams. The rest of the process is very much straightforward and linear in execution. These guns function by pulling the trigger that is present ion them. This is what causes them to fire the infrared beams. These beams are received by the targets on the jackets worn by team members.

These jackets light up in the team colors when they receive the infrared signal from the gun. Think of it like a bullet but instead of a bullet infrared beams are fired. The one who gets hit by these beams is considered KIA and the team that got the kill receives a point. The team that manages to score the highest score or kill off the opponent team is the winner. The game might sound a bit too basic but that is what gives it its appeal and popularity.

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