How to Win At Laser Tag?

How to Win At Laser Tag?

Playing the game of Laser Tag often comes with a lot of intensity, but that doesn’t take away the fun that it offers in any way. The only thing that’s probably more interesting than playing is winning. After all, we all want to be winners in everything we do. Hence, the need to brush up your skills before heading off to your favorite laser maze.

Are you confused about how to go about the whole experience without failing in it? Don’t worry, in this post, we will review some of the skills needed to be better at playing laser tag.

How to be Good At Laser Tag?


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  • Learn to Keep Shooting

This is a basic skill to acquire, but it is not less effective. Unless a limitation has been placed on ammunitions, you should keep going to your targets. For a start, you won’t have a perfect aim, but you will realize some improvement with time. Just keep on with firing rapidly in the direction of your opponent’s sensors. At this point, ammo wouldn’t be an issue for you, so just keep blasting away.

  • Learn to Move Around Defensively

This is another basic skill to learn when starting out with a laser tag. Move around in a sideways direction when firing. By doing this, you will be able to aim better and reduce the potentials of being a target yourself. This is, in fact, one of the biggest defense tactics that you can adopt throughout the game. Just remember to not stand in the same position for a long time as that makes you vulnerable to attacks.

  • Make Proper Use of Your Cool-down Time

A few seconds of cool-down time would usually be offered to you when you are hit. Within these few seconds, your suit and gun would be disabled. Why wait around for the seconds to finish ticking when you can make good use of the time?

Use the time to find a better position for yourself. A wall or any other defended location would be nice. You can also use the time to position yourself where you would have a clear target of an opponent so that you can strike back upon reactivation. Don’t worry, your suit would be dark during the cool-down, so moving undetected would become easier.

  • Try the Sweep Move

As you begin to gain mastery of the game, these tactics become a necessity to learn. The tactics involve sweeping the laser gun in an arc across multiple targets and then pulling the trigger. As you do, the gun will fire in that pattern, and it often results in the tagging of multiple targets at a time.

  • Be Appropriately Dressed

This is another basic thing to do when learning how to play laser tag like a pro. You are often required to dress in dark-colored shoes and clothes. However, you must ensure that your clothes and shoes are comfortable. You can show up in layers if it helps you withstand the initial cold that the laser arena brings. However, keep it as airy as possible, considering that there will be so many movements and sweating throughout the game.

  • Study the Layout Well

Perhaps, nothing beats a good knowledge of where you are and what you would be going against if you are learning how to play laser tag like a pro. For a start, you would need to do a mental study of the layout of the maze, planning your movements accordingly. Identify spots that would potentially offer you better views and those that won’t. If the game has multiple levels, then you shouldn’t forget to go up at the opponents and snipe at them below. The whole goal here is to ensure to choose your spots wisely since it minimizes your chances of being hit.

  • Target Kids and Newbies

Indeed, this sounds quite mean, but remember that in war, everything is fair. Inexperienced players are easy targets to earn the point, since they are still learning how to defend. Start by hitting kids and newbies to boost your point. As you begin to get better, you can then move to start hitting professionals too.


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There you have it, becoming an expert in laser tag isn’t as difficult as you probably thought. Learning the laser tag on how to play skills would not only help you win, but it will also help to tune up your enjoyment of the game. Start playing and start winning with the tips highlighted above. Just ensure that you are learning always from your experiences. Good luck!

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