Tactical Laser Tag Essentials

Tactical Laser Tag Essentials

Sometimes, laser tag games played with teams made up of random participants who only find to be willing to move simultaneously. These teams can consist of members all of the different ages, education and even skill level, meaning there is no actual age or any other limitation. This is all part of the game.

Laser tag is a play strategy for children of all ages to go. With this game, you can enhance your ability of critical thinking and other skills

Tactical Laser Tag is not like the rest of the games and is very different from the usual laser tag which comes along with a lot of limitations. Those limitations involve wearing dark clothes and that you can only play that in specially designed dark rooms with glowing backpacks.

However, this tactical laser tag has none of those limitations. Rather you can play this game at any time of the day outside in bright daylight or even in the night with ranges up to 600ft. This game consists of very advanced equipment that can be set according to your own preference and game type.

Tactical laser tag can be a bit tricky and difficult to play. So as always, we are here to help you with a few basic essentials you need to know to play this game and win. Now we all want our team to win, now don’t we?


Laser Tag Essentials


tactical laser tag


Tactical laser tag requires a lot of formalities and technical necessities that you should have actual and proper know-how off. Where you can just shoot your gun, we are here to offer you a few tricks and essentials to help you out in your way and improve your game.

Here below mentioned are a few basic essentials you should know before playing a tactical laser tag game with your friends or family making sure you have the correct team strategies and lead your team towards winning a round of laser tag.

Gathering the Troops

A lot of times we play the laser tag game with many teams consisting of many different players, all of a different age and skill levels. This is usually the part of the game where you get to learn as well as enjoy it.

When planning and playing, your entire team must agree to a proper plan and keep them on the same page rather than having many different opinions and every player moving by themselves. This can cause you to lose points that can lead you losing. Stick to one plan and move accordingly.

As a team leader, you should have good leadership skills to help lead your team towards success. Informing them before the round starts, making sure that everyone knows how to operate their weapon correctly and introduce to the rest of the team to avoid friendly fire.

Pre-Battle Checks

Before your game start, as a team leader or a team member, you should make sure that all your requirements are fulfilled. Make sure your weapon is operating correctly. Also, attach and fasten the safety vest properly so that it doesn’t fall off during the game.

Keeping in mind the tiny details we advise you to always make sure that your hair and shoelaces firmly tied. Also, you should take off anything that you feel might fall off or make you feel hotter during your running. This can cause you to lose points and effect your game overall. In addition to this, do not take it seriously or make it an ego problem, it is just a game and you can always try again.

Keeping safe

It won’t be fun if you just sit and hide under someplace now would it? Instead of that, move and spread out with your team keeping a low profile finding safe spots. Move from one spot to another with time and making your shot every time.

Avoid getting hit yourself with a little bit of tactical planning and finding such safe spots. Rather than just going out into the open field. If you happen to be playing in a forest area of somewhere where there happen to be props or other things. Crawling will be a great help and prevent you from being found or shot.

Cover for your partner

As a good team and a proper planning technique, your team members should spread out in the form of pairs. So that no one has their guard down. This buddy system will help your team to survive a lot longer than usual. As they both will be able to cover for each other keeping eyes all around for the opponent team.

When covering for your partner make sure to have fast reflexes. So that you can easily oppose the opponent team and continue to move quickly along. With this, you can easily prevent getting hit and have higher chances of winning.

Fire at will

The most interesting part of the laser tag is that it doesn’t actually use real ammo. And since there isn’t real ammo your weapon doesn’t take that long to reload. We suggest that you fire all your rounds. With continuous fire, your opponent won’t be able to make his move and attack you. This can prevent you from getting hit and quickly eliminating the other team.

Precision and Accuracy

The most important skill you should have is the way you shoot your shot. In order to win the round of laser tag, you should be precise and accurate while shooting. Hence, you don’t waste them, although that doesn’t make a difference as your shot directly hits your opponents. Practice your shooting skills so that you can quickly make your shots without a misfire.




laser tag essentials


A tactical laser tag game is all about practice and a good team plan. If you happen to have good leadership skills and can come up with an appropriate plan and execute it properly and smoothly the win is yours.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned essentials and following them correctly you should b able to pass through and round keeping your team safe. This is sure a fun and interesting game that helps you bring out and enhance your skills to the fullest but it should definitely be kept as a game. I hope you all have fun!

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