Tippmann TMC Review

Tippmann TMC Review

Anyone who is a paintball fan is definitely going to be familiar with the MagFed paintball marker or gun. They would also know that they are challenging to find. Not only that but when you do discover one it is extremely difficult to pick one that is just right for you.

MagFed markers are gaining popularity in the paintball world. So this review will go over one of the top ones that everyone is talking about nowadays, the Tippmann TMC paintball marker.

This article will review the very best MagFed that is currently out there. 

Value for Money

Ease of Use






There are other similar paintball markers out there with the same features but MagFed is more expensive.

It comes with features that make it very easy to use.

It offers most of what you look for in the paintball marker with special features but is best suited for beginners.

Made of sturdy and durable material, that is long-lasting.



What I like


What I don’t like

Rubber Grip

Difficult to disassemble

Metal body

MagFed and hopper can’t be used together

Easy-pull trigger

Not compatible with the First Strike

Completely Pneumatic


Tactical setup


Aluminum Receiver


Has 20 magazines



This review entails all that you need to know if you are interested in purchasing the TMC Tippmann. It consists of all the pros and cons, so it will not be a biased review. It will help you decide whether this particular model is exactly what you are looking for and if it suits your needs.

  Moreover, it will go in-depth about what each of its features does and what specs it has to offer. It will also feature a tutorial video that will be a guide for you to begin using it. Last but not least, it will cover the problems with the product and which other alternatives are available in the market.

Tippmann TMC – Introduction

This paintball marker is an excellent choice because of its unique design and outstanding capabilities. The TMC is a relatively new addition to Tippmann’s MagFed or paintball marker collection and has been receiving quite the praise. TMC is very similar in features to Tippmann’s Cronus, which is their bestseller. They have been using essentially the similar blowback style of volt and so there are very minor differences in their models.

Initially, Tippmann only produced one other MagFed based marker call the TCR. However, it was a little pricey for the features it offered. Hence, they came up with the TMC model that featured MagFed for a price that wasn’t too expensive and offered good quality at the same time. It is one of the few budget-friendly MagFed paintball markers that are less than $200. This review will go over all that you need to know before you buy it. 

Tippmann TMC – Who is it for?

The TMC is ideal for shooters who want to try out MagFed versions of paintball markers. It is also highly customizable so it can suit many people interested in paintball markers. It is recommended to beginners of MagFed markers because it is lightweight, easy to use and is quite durable. Thus, it will last you for quite some time and it is quite cheap. Furthermore, it comes with a safety switch, which is a must-have for beginners.

So if you are someone who wants to learn how to play with a magazine rather than hoppers, then this is an excellent pick. It should be known however, that you can still use a hopper with this too. The TMC is perfect for woodsball and other such objective games. Furthermore, it is also a good fit for people with smaller hands and people who tend to be clumsy because the ergonomic rubber grip ensures ease of use.

It is not, however, a good fit for advanced players who are well associated with MagFed. If you are looking for a more advanced one then you should opt for an alternative (section below).

What Is Included In Your Purchase?

It comes with the following items:

  • 1 Tippmann TMC Paintball Marker (MagFed)
  • 98 thread barrel & 4 rails
  • 2 19 magazines (round) along with 1 dummy magazine (Used for hopper)
  • Hopper’s neck
  • Barrel Sleeve


·         Dual Feed

The TMC can be used as MagFed or Hopper fed. It comes with 19 magazines for MagFed and one dummy one for the hopper-fed. (Note: You must insert the dummy magazine to use as hopper). The magazines are made from very sturdy and solid materials and are built for wear and tear. Other MagFed magazines are a lot more expensive than these.

It is true that it is made as a MagFed gun, but in order to add customizability, Tippmannhas added a feature where you can convert it into a hopper. What’s more, is that the hopper feed neck is part of your purchase. Thus, you do not need to buy it separately. This video does a great job at helping you convert it from MagFed to the hopper.

·         Trigger Frame & Rubber Grip

The trigger frame of the TMC is quite useful. It is made out of rubber and it enables you to have an amazing hand grip while using the marker. Let’s just say it fits perfectly in your hands and makes you feel very comfortable using it. The trigger is easy-pull and very smooth.

·         Adjustable Sights

There are front and rear sights that can be adjusted in this model, which makes it like an AR marker. Generally, you need to pay for having sights, but the TMC comes with adjustable ones.

·         Design

It is popular because it is a lightweight paintball marker weighing only 4 pounds. It comes with a stock at the back which can make the marker either longer or shorter than the original size. In addition, it has aluminum construction, while the charging handle is plastic. This particular feature has faced criticism because why is the rest of the body made out of metal but not the charging handle? Although it does not break easily, customers generally prefer an aluminum one.

 How To Use The Tippmann TMC

Much like many other paintball markers, the usage is extremely easy. The only complication is when you need to switch it to the hopper from MagFed. It is extremely easy to use because of features such as the rubber handles and the trigger. It is perfect especially for people who are clumsy or have small fingers.

Moreover, maintenance is also quite easy and does not require you to do a lot. However, regular cleaning is essential to make sure it lasts for long. Other than that you should keep the gun lubricated before use.

The following video shows just how easy it is to install and use the Tippmann TMC.


As mentioned in the cons of TMC, many users have found disassembly to be very difficult. In comparison, Tiberius T15 is a much better option. While TMC is more lightweight and cheaper but the Tiberius is very similar to it and has very simple disassembly. However, it must be kept in mind that the Tiberius T15 is more suited to advanced players, while the TMC is better for beginners. 

If you are looking for other alternatives to the TMC in similar budgets then the Tippmann TipX is also a good option.


Q1. Can the Tippmann TMC shoot the first strike?

No, it is roundball and does not take first strike ones.

Q2. What kind of hopper is suitable for this?

200 round ones will fit easily, while the hopper Low Profile model will not fit.

Q3. Can the remote line be used with this marker?

Generally, the remote line is most recommended, while most other tanks don’t fit indirectly. So at the end of the day, just get any Tippmann one.

Q4. Is the stock adjustable?

Yes, it is, you can adjust it to four or three points however, you cannot use the aftermarket unless you only want the 2 point stock from it.

Q5. Is it regulated in parks?

Not sure why parks wouldn’t allow it. They have an adjustable velocity along with a 0.68 caliber.


The Tippmann TMC is a great buy for those who have just started developing an interest in MagFed paintball markers and who are on a tight budget. It offers great value for money, with features like front and rear sights it is just too good to be true for the price. It is one of the most reliable, efficient and durable paintball markers out there.

  The Tippmann TMC not only offers a great range of features but is also one of the most stylish and well-designed paintball markers out there.

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