What Age is Laser Tag Appropriate For?

What Age is Laser Tag Appropriate For?

Short answer? There is no universally approved age for Laser Tag, but people generally don’t fancy the idea of giving a tag machine to toddlers. Generally speaking, it’s not the best idea in the world to introduce children lower than five years of age to the world of laser tag.

Long answer? You obviously don’t want a random article on the internet to make rules for you. You, for the most part, would like to make your own decisions. So, yes, Laser Tag is only appropriate for kids above the age of five.

But why? What makes the game appropriate for kids past five and inappropriate for kids below the age of five?

Is Laser Tag Dangerous?

Laser Tag is far from being a dangerous game. Although it required a copious ability for movement and a burning desire to see opponents fail, it is one of the most engaging games for children to play. Sure, the name Laser Tag sounds dangerous and allowing a child near a Laser sounds even extra dangerous. Perhaps you may be forgiven for thinking that the game involves actual lasers and death rays and such things.

However, that’s just the name. Laser Tag has no lasers (or at least, that we know of). The only thing that could be remotely inferred to be a laser is the infrared light that that is used to tag others with. So, fear not, you’re perfectly safe allowing your ten years old (who almost exclusively has plans of taking over the universe) to play the game.

Asides that, there is another thing that you should probably know about Laser Tag if you did not already know about it. Parents have recently been concerned about the effects that allowing children to play with a gun may have on them. However, that is somewhat unfounded. While the tag machine looks like a gun, it is not a gun. It is sort of the same way teenagers think they are functioning adults but are not.

In fact, not all tagging machines look like guns. However, most of the machines do look like guns so the concern is understandable. The point is, the level of violence involved in playing tag is actually quite minimal, and parents really shouldn’t be too bothered.

At What Age Would This Be Appropriate?


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Now, another consideration that you should probably have is what benefits children benefit from the Laser Tag game. We have quite a few for you, and you’d probably be interested.

Since the game is immersive and requires a lot of chasing, it helps children burn off calories. It also requires fast thinking and acting, so you can expect better hand-eye coordination. This skill undoubtedly helps them later in life.

The game is not played alone, so children get to play with other kids which contributes to and improves their social skills. They also learn how to work as a team, come up with creative and strategic ideas and generally have a lot of fun.

Age Range

For the most part, individuals do not decide the minimum age range for Laser Tag. That is determined by individual Laser Tag centres, and these centres belong to different companies with different policies concerning age range.

Some Laser Tag centres allow children as young as five years to play, while some do not allow children younger than eight to play.

However, this doesn’t mean that companies that allow children younger than eight to play are less safe. Most times, it just means that they have the level of difficulty that is appropriate for a 5-year-old. Laser Tag centres that only accept children eight or above often have games of higher difficulty.

But the age range cuts either way too. How old do you have to be not be welcome at a Laser Tag game? We don’t know, but as long as you still have good sight, can still run for a while without breaking a spinal cord or two, you’re welcome to play. While many Laser Tag centres cap the maximum age at 65, it is not a top requirement and as long as you’re agile, love adrenaline, adventure and strategy, you can still play.

Importantly, while Laser Tag games generally have the same concept behind them, the level of complexity and difficulty often differs. Some areas require more concentration, more coordination and better movement than others. If you’re not sure whether the game is appropriate for a kid, you can start out with a game without a lot of difficulties.

So Really, What Age Is Laser Tag Appropriate For?


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Now that you have all the important information, you’ll probably come to the same conclusion as us. At around five, children are already running around and generally being hyperactive little bundles of joy. That’s about half of the entire Laser Tag game.

However, you may have reservations about exposing children to high-intensity environments. In that case, it would be advisable to organise games of people within the same age group.  That way, you’re certain that your child is having fun and also making new friends.

This was quite a long answer, but all things being equal, children from the age of five can play Laser Tag.

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