What Are Some Good Paintball Gun Brands?

What Are Some Good Paintball Gun Brands?

Playing with paintball guns is all fun and games until you decide to buy one. The options are endless, and the contrast between many aspects of the guns is vast.

In fact, the hassle of buying a paintball gun might not start from the gun itself, but rather from all the various paintball gun manufacturers out there.

You might find out that asking a simple question like “what are some good paintball gun brands?” a hard question to answer, but worry no more, because that’s where I come to the rescue.


The Best Paintball Gun Brands Available on The Shelves


In the following listing, I’ll be placing our carefully selected top 5 trustworthy paintball gun brands to go for.


paintball gun brands





Starting off our list with one of the most prestigious names in the industry, Tippmann has been one of the leading paintball gun and paintball equipment manufacturers since joining the industry in the early 1980s.

Tippmann is responsible for producing the first semi-automatic and fully automatic paintball guns in the business, as well as innovating and developing a lot of leading technologies in the paintball industry.

Among the most noticeable guns that they’ve produced is the Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Marker, one of the company’s flagships and their best-selling paintball gun at a time.

The paintball legend is believed to be one of the most customisable and upgradeable paintball guns ever made. 

The paintball gun features a lightweight and tough aluminium body and can shoot up to 15 paintballs in just one second.

The gun is widely regarded as the modality for paintball guns and it can be a perfect beginner and intermediate level player gun.

Along with the A-5 .68 Caliber, the Company also produces some other cutting edge paintball guns including Cronus, US Army Project Salvo, X7 Phenom, and finally the 98 Custom.



Landing in style, the Company’s real name is “DYE Precision” but it’s always been named DYE for short. Founded in 1994, San Diego, California by Dave “Young Blood” DeHaan and his wife Rhonda. 

The company’s story started as a cliché garage startup then went on to become something big. 

Dave started as a creative and talented paintball gun developer who used to make and sell paintball gun barrels for the professional paintball team “California Ironmen”. His hard work and dedication quickly paid him off and the company grew into an international paintball business giant.

Currently, the company produces all kinds of paintball guns, along with a wide range of gun accessories, clothing, and even sponsoring leading paintball professional teams globally, such as the Ukrainian team “HULK Kiev” as well as hosting and co-hosting paintball tournaments worldwide.

The Company has a running office in Taiwan as well as Germany, with over 250 employees working worldwide. 

DYE features some of the most excellent top-notch guns ever made in the history of paintball guns business. Including the DYE Proto Rise MaXXed, although it’s a fairly more expensive gun than average pricing in the market, you’ll be getting the most benefit out of your money.

The gun is featherweight and excellent performing, featuring some options that can only be available in the high-end more expensive paintball guns, all the while being easy to use with simple yet cool designs, and bull’s eye accuracy.

Another gun that’s worth mentioning is the DYE M2, a more enhanced version of the famous DYE M3s, a true high-end paintball gun that’s made for serious paintball enthusiasts. 

With its fiery performance and flaming price tag, the gun is as hot as it gets.

However, many paintball pros would pay top dollar to acquire any gun that gives them the edge they need to wreck other players on the battlefield, and for that specific reason, the DYE M3s isn’t going to be short of buyers any time soon.



If you’ve been around buying any paintball related item, especially a gun, whether it being a beginner, intermediate, or an expert level professional paintball gun, then you’ve probably stumbled upon the name “Empire“.

The company really lives up to its name, as it’s truly a paintball empire. A company that’s more about producing the highest quality paintball guns than about anything else. They provide a huge arsenal of the top paintball guns across the globe. 

They’re known for making competitive paintball guns that can give the other manufacturers a run for their money, all the while selling it at a much more budget forgiving price. 

Among their masterpieces are the renowned Empire Paintball Mini GS Gun, a paintball gun designed to be as light as a paintball gun goes, allowing for the maximum maneuverability while featuring an unrivaled accuracy compared to relatively equal-sized paintball guns.



Kingman was founded by Arthur Chang in 1992, and by the late 90s, they rose to fame after launching the notorious Spyder line. Spyder is an above and beyond top-selling semi-automatic paintball gun series, thanks to its superior quality and very good prices.

Introducing the Spyder Flash has also been a groundbreaking milestone for the company, as it was the first electronic paintball gun to ever exist.

Since then they’ve been a leading player in the paintball guns business, creating some of the most exquisite and extraordinary guns that put some other guns to shame, including Spyder Victor and Spyder Fenix


Planet Eclipse

Last but definitely not the least, the favourite brand for tech savvies and technology lovers. The revolutionary company has set a new standard for the relationship between the company and the players.

They’ve been offering everything paintball-related at a challenging price and leading quality. Currently producing one of the best electronic paintball guns the ETEK5 that comes with a super smooth magnetic trigger and a 1-year warranty.


Types of Paintball Guns


types of paintball guns



Before getting your first paintball gun, you need to figure out the most important of all basics in paintball guns, their types.

As you’ll see paintball guns aren’t a single type anymore so let’s have a brief description for each model.




Pump Paintball Guns

Beginning with the oldest type of paintball guns, the pump gun is a manual gun that requires a pump-like action similar to the one used in shotguns.

Despite having its loyal fans, if you’re a beginner to the paintball universe, I’d advise you to avoid starting it off with the pump variant, as it’s deemed to be more challenging than fun.


Mechanical Paintball Guns

The most commonly used guns, usually semi-automatics, firing one ball each time you pull the trigger. They depend mainly on compressed air or CO2.

They’re the most recommended for casual players and beginners as they take your head of the gun and let you focus on enjoying your time, let alone being easy to use and maintain.


Electronic Paintball Guns

The most recent addition to the paintball guns industry. They’re usually more expensive but recently it’s not the case anymore.

They operate on rechargeable or a 9-volt battery, offer multiple firing modes, and most certainly fun and easier to use than older types.


Final Words


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Finding the right paintball for you isn’t usually the easiest of tasks, it can get overwhelming and confusing just like that.

The catch in such a situation is to opt for the ideal gun for your budget, your favourite gun type, and choose a trustworthy brand that offers a gun worth your hard-earned cash.

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