When Is Paintball Season?

When Is Paintball Season?

A good game of paintball is an activity enjoyed by people of all ages, from little kids up to adults. Gearing up and dressing the part is always fun and gives you the feeling of being in real combat.

However, paintball is an outdoor game, which means that the weather plays a big part in deciding the way you dress, the type of gun you should get and the extra gear you’d need.

This article will act as your guide to what each of the four seasons brings and share some tips on how to be prepared for it.

Summer (Playing Paintball In The Heat)

playing paintball in summer

This would be the most packed season of all in paintball fields. It’s usually the most anticipated season for all paintball players because it’s a vacation and there’s no more school to worry about for a couple of months.

The warm weather is a contributor too, as it’s easier to play at higher temperatures than the freezing cold. It’s a great season to play as the hard ground and the surrounding nature on the field will give you plenty of coverage and a higher possibility of sneaking around. If the weather gets too hot and the sun is scalding, however, your game can easily be cut short because your gear malfunctioned or one of the players passes out.

Here are some tips on how to survive the heat.

Bring Coolers

As the shell of a paintball is usually made from gelatin or vegetable starch, it can easily expand and melt causing your jams in your maker or bounce off your opponent rather than break, if it manages to get out.

Storing them in a cooler with an ice pack or a frozen bottle of water wrapped in a towel will help reduce humidity and maintain the shells at a cool temperature.

Look for Shaded Areas

If you’re taking a break, make sure your gear stays in the shade because CO2 tanks in guns can burst their disc and no longer function or the paint can bake and become a spongy mess if they’re left in the sun. The coolers can also be of much help in this situation. You should also stay hydrated and rest in the shade to avoid direct sunlight, which can cause a heat stroke.

Wear Summer Paintball Clothes

Even though it may seem like wearing long sleeves and pants is the ideal way to protect yourself from scratches and scrapes, it’ll take the heat get to your body quicker. That’s why the elbow and knee pads with shorts and a t-shirt made from light, breathable and sweat-soaking material are your new best friend.

A sweatband or a bandana tied around your head is a good way to absorb sweat and prevent it from getting into your goggles and fogging them up.

Winter Or How To Play Paintball In Winter

Paintball game in winter

Although you’ll be sweating significantly less and you’ll have plenty of free slots to book your game (since no one’s as brave as you are), you’ll not be free of malfunctioning gear or setbacks. 

Fear not as we’ll share some tips to make sure you play the best winter paintball game.

Don’t Use CO2 Tanks

CO2 is an expandable gas at high temperatures but during cold weather, it doesn’t perform as such and you’ll find that the gas flows freely through your gun with white vapor coming out of it. Switching to compressed gas (HPA) tanks are the best way to avoid this problem. If it’s not an option, you can still use the CO2 tank but expect a slower performance, as you’ll have to give it time to expand and make sure your barrel is pointing upwards.

Use Winter Paintballs

If you use normal paintballs, their material can crack and break before it’s even out of the barrel.  On the other hand, winter paintballs are specifically designed for playing in colder temperatures as they’re made from a tougher or thicker shell/fill formula that will prevent them from being too fragile.

Dress in Layers

400;”>Layering is the key to cooling off when you’ve been in an intense paintball battle or maintaining heat when you’re taking a break. You should wear a thermal base layer for your upper and lower body, maybe a sweatshirt and a waterproof jacket of zip-up hoodie that allows easy access to air circulation. Wear warm gloves and a beanie to keep your hands and head warm as you play.


Spring is the second-most anticipated season for all paintball players as the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, which will eliminate any difficulties with your gear and make it easier to play for longer periods. It’s also the best time to choose wooded fields since the foliage will help in hiding you from your opponents.

However, rain can be a downside to playing in the spring season as you can be unprepared and the footprints on the muddy field will give you away, both cases leading to an abrupt end of the game.

Look out for allergies too and make sure you have proper medication with you, just in case.


playing paintball in fall

Compared to spring, the weather will be cooler with higher possibilities of rain. This can be a real bummer, as we mentioned earlier.

Falling leaves can also be a dead giveaway of your location or your path as you’ll be crunching on them as you walk/run and there will be no trees for you to hide behind. On the other hand, allergies and insects are no longer an issue to look out for.

Four Seasons Paintball Game


As you can see, paintball is a game that can be played during any season.  Given the right gear, dressing in the appropriate apparel and having the needed accessories will allow you to have the best paintball game regardless of the weather.

In our opinion though, spring feels like the best season to play paintball as you’ll face fewer difficulties regarding your gear and the weather is perfect for longer games and more fun.

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